Web Washing....

For decades, government agencies have been known to interfere with some peoples' television programs, appliances and even computers in order to sadistically mess with specific people, or even certain demographics. (please see post about the movie called The Game w Michael Douglas and Sean Penn). In fact, it's been reported that as far back as the 1950s, fake news articles have been published to cause the entire population to believe things about 'news worthy' events that simply weren't and aren't true. How would most people know? Only until some of the more brave decided to leak this information did some find out.

A few instances I experienced indicate this happened during my orchestrated harassment. Some of it happened before and only in retrospect did I realize it. An example, about 11 years ago, I looked up something online about flu symptoms or something similar. The web sites that popped up on my first few pages never included WebMD.com. In fact, back then, I didn't even know that site existed. When I visited a couple I knew who I used to hang out with, they looked up the same exact words in Google that I did. WebMD.com came up as the number one web site. These 'friends' kept saying, "You must've typed unrelated words," they laughed. "You clearly did something wrong if you didn't get WebMD.com"  They were actually a bit patronizing and condescending. I kept insisting that, no, I typed in the exact key words they did and had very different web sites. They kept on facetiously making fun of my alleged inability to put in appropriate key words. As if!!!

Just to double check, I went home that evening after hanging out with that couple and typed in the same words again on Google. And, again, no WebMD.com. In fact, an entire three pages of sites that didn't look anything like their sites.

Because of the treatment I received from that couple, I wound up ditching them and not hanging out with them. There were many mind manipulation behaviors they were exercising, but I didn't chalk it up to an all-out effort. I just thought they had a power struggle dynamic going on, and I didn't want to expose to it.

Only later during this harassment business did I realize that my pages were 'fixed.' What I was seeing on my computer was rigged somehow because WebMD.com should come up at least on the first two pages if not at the top. The SEO order was being scrambled.

Government agencies and anyone with the technology to pull of such a stunt are the only ones who can web wash or dish wash (dish network) peoples' computers, IP address, and televisions...and even radios it seems. The target wouldn't pick up on it until actually hit big time!

Just a word to people out there who may not realize and who are suffering at the hands of these jackasses, for lack of a better word, this type of malicious activity can go on and can really brainwash, scramble and mess with a person's mind. Throw in a couple agent provocateurs, stalkers, harassers, some trash left at your door, trash trucks passing you by a little too much out there when you walk around, and it's a recipe for disaster. However, there is away to ignore it and realize they might keep attempting the same b.s. over and over, but they can't and won't touch you. This is about no-touch torture. It can be overcome mentally with a lot of discipline and self talk about the fact they have severe problems.

Finding a way to preoccupy yourself with activities you enjoy and knowing something has gotten into them that's causing their strange behavior is how I believe targets transcend it all.