Trained Since Birth

A quick post to let people know that those who participate in orchestrated harassment and organized stalking are, more often than not, trained since birth. Many grow up within families that have been practicing activity that the rest of us know nothing about, unless awakened and/or targeted. To them, carrying out these acts of intimidation, fake skits, what have you, is very easy. They know the ins and outs of what they are asked to do, they understand the dynamics, they have more advanced technology (in some cases) and rely on a very large network of family and co-conspirators to accomplish what they do.

In fact, I later learned during my experience that one of the people who I'd befriended prior to 2011 (who played a part in this major trick against me) had actually attended a performing arts high school before going on to a Quaker-based College. I knew she'd attended this Quaker-based college and thought it was cool that she was attending a college that stood for equality and peace. Her attendance there was probably a bit of a joke to her. She and her cohorts like to mock such things. In a way, she probably 'infiltrated' that college to create a persona that she would carry into "adulthood" as a way to confuse others. She presented herself as a certain kind of person when I initially met her, but it turns out she's quite different. She just might be an actual, real-life Nazi who practices activity that's considered Nazi-like.

She's represented in Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making as someone who claimed to be a friend of an ex-con. The two were pen pals. She was pretending to be a missionary of sorts, corresponding with people in prison. After the ex-con paid his dues in prison and was let out, she befriended him, asking him to join a Buddhist group she'd become a part of and spent a long time teaching him Japanese prayers for the group. At some point, she began claiming he was a stalker and I believed her because I originally wasn't fond of the person and felt a strange vibe when I met him. However, after experiencing this hit, I began to realize she faked her friendship with that man in order to turn around, drop him like a hot potato and create a situation in which an aggressive, sensitive and reactive person (like the ex-con) would be confused, distraught, heartbroken and left feeling abandoned. That could cause, and did cause, him to react in such a way that left him sending her texts that she reported to authorities as being terroristic. That landed him right back in jail after she sought a lawyer and documented his texts and behavior (he showed up at her home, probably seeking answers). She played him.

I considered the idea that some of these people are so highly trained that they are assigned targets to "play" in such a way because they believe, in the case of the ex-con, the person getting out of prison shouldn't be out of prison and, therefore, they turn around and put him right back in with a new charge. I'm not positive what her mindset was, but I am pretty sure she played him in order to gain rank within whatever group she represents. She earned some sort of reward for luring him back into jail within two or three years of getting out.

It's really complicated when you don't grow up trained to pretend to be someone else. A poser. If you're a regular person living a regular life, it may never dawn on you that such things are going on in a big way all the time!!

Just wanted to share that because around these parts (Philadelphia) there are many players trying to bribe people, set them up, get people in jail to earn "points," secretly record them having a bad day only to use that information later in order to bribe/blackmail, etc. The tactics go on and on. It's become huge business to extract money and raise rank in any way possible from perceived enemies. Some people earn "skulls," but I'm not sure what the skulls are for, other than someone actually dying as a result of how a perpetrator of this game played a target. By skull I mean an actual life-sized skull that is decorative in nature and statuesque (I don't think an actual human skull). I've been exposed to someone who has a black skull in his living room, and I've been to two homes that showcase a white skull--one each.

It's very serious. This is not about conspiracy's actual conspiracy. Conspiracy is real and the ones carrying out conspiracies against others are constantly trying to make conspiracy believers out to be nut jobs. The more they convince the masses that conspiracy believers are paranoid, the more they get away with their games. Sorry to say. I was in a completely different place prior to 2011, not paying much attention to conspiracies. Now I  know more than I ever really wanted to know.

Thank you for reading. Peace, Love, Protect Yourself while Avoiding Feeling of Fear as much as possible if a target of this totally weird stuff.