They Use a Tootsie Pop Analogy

One of the more twisted analogies this cult-like group came up with during my assault is the Tootsie Pop analogy. In essence, those participating in relentlessly playing mind games with a target love the idea of getting to the 'center' of a person, at which point, the target is stripped of all his or her protective spirit. The Tootsie Pop is a perfect analogy with its jingle that sings "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"

There are many layers of meanings around all the words in that jingle. I'll go with the least disgusting one, which is that when bullies go after a seeming 'weaker person' (even though a target is not weaker), they are licking, or torturing them, constantly, by using both low- and high-level mental manipulation tactics. One of which is initially bringing up the idea of a Tootsie Pop in the presence of a target so that the target witnesses and hears the Tootsie Pop conversation. The conversation involves two or more people talking as if it is an inside joke. The target knows he or she is on the outside of that joke. It's obvious. We see this play out all the time on television or in regular life. We know others are talking in secret code amongst themselves. Our intuition and radar begins 'beeping' like made because we're not in the loop. That in and of itself is part of the manipulation. The aggressors purposely talk in secret code to drive another mad, and they love watching the person on the outside getting more and more angry or paranoid. The target is forced into a mode of wondering what they mean and, if the target was already scared and intimidated, like I was in my own apartment, this secret code talk just keeps fueling that fire. Add the Tootsie Pop analogy with the infinite amount of other tactics they use and one's brain is bound to be scrambled, cooked, fried--however you want to look at it--remaining in a perpetual state of fear and questioning. ...That's part of the "lick" process. (sort of like a watch takes a licking but keeps on ticking).....they used that one, too, for a while. Same thing. Targets take a licking and, while they hopefully keep going in the most healthy way possible, the ticking part is a negative connotation because it implies a bomb waiting to go off. Their objective is to turn innocent people into bombs waiting to go off. To make matters worse, they've even left Tootsie Pop wrappers near my doorstep and often along my usual walking route through the city. Too many of them to be a coincidence. My guess is, they do this to other targets as well.

A similar analogy that they use is the onion analogy. The onion analogy was introduced almost immediately during my attacks. I heard the word 'onion' so many times, I was against onions worldwide!  The idea being that layers of us are being peeled away until the aggressors get to the center of us. Their abuse is so bad that by the time they might actually get to the center (don't let them), our centers are going to be filled with rage. Try to keep your 'center' from getting to that point. It probably helps to eat well, meditate. take up pastimes that fill you up with as much peace, calm, and joy as possible. If you find something that makes you laugh (without victims) great! Laughter is the best medicine they say.

Some even throw the lotus flower into it. Same idea. One person said, "It's kind of like a lotus flower. As the pedals open so the center rises." Something like that. I really like yoga and the idea of a lotus flower, but they use it in a negative way. They want to open someone up at an accelerated rate, exposing and exploiting them to the point they go ballistic.

There's a medium ground I try to maintain. I need the yoga to keep me calm, but I do my best to set boundaries and call them out as much as possible if they are in direct communication with me. The thing is, they are constantly looking for a reaction and if you're hit hard, you're going to be a reactionary person. In fact, many of us were already a bit reactionary due to past experiences anyway. Once hit, most targets wind up with severe PTSD. To handle that, I personally chose the holistic route. Using L-Theanine, Holy Basil, Gotu Kola, Ashwaganda, and sometimes Chaga mushroom (ChagaMax) to create equilibrium internally. Once an internal locus of control is obtained, it's easier to deal with the external stimuli. This cocktail of herbs was slowly revealed as a good combination for me.  At the same time, I prevent myself from being too nice, too accepting, too peaceful and too open because these aggressors love taking advantage of that. That's how they get their snappers.

There are very mysterious ways that these people in these groups operate. At times there does seem to be a spiritual aspect to it all. Some events occur that leave me wondering how in the world that happened! In fact, the one person who spoke to  me the most about this experience said something poignant that I now realize is true. When a target (whose been cracked open by severe trauma) has a thought or idea to do something all of a sudden. He or she might want to consider where the idea is coming from. An example: a long time ago I suddenly had the idea to wear an lgbtq rainbow flag around my entire body on an election day. I was riled up and ready to get out there to "make my statement!"  Because I was so riled up about it, I'm not sure it was totally my idea. Where it might have come from is a bit of a mystery...but that's probably when the red flagging began. (some might argue my upbringing involved a certain kind of trauma that made me already susceptible to this stuff). These days, armed with that knowledge, I take a few more minutes to decide if a though that comes to my head is truly something I am thinking and want to do. It's in thought forms.  Some say higher realms involve thought form manipulation. Mastering...or attempting a way up and out of the darker realms. So, say yesterday, I woke up and out of a need to 'get back at them' I thought to myself, "I'm going to wear a shirt that says 'Gangstalkers are dumb,'"  it might not truly be my idea.  Even though I do believe they are dumb and I want to throw it in their faces that they need to stop harassing people. It just might be that these cult-like aggressors want to manipulate me into wearing a shirt like that.  It involves a lot of thinking, which is a pain, because we should be able to just be. But it seems they gain if they are able to influence us to do things because they 'sent the message.' It's hard to explain because it's advanced stuff. These cult-members can puppet people. That's it. I know they can. Messing with the strings is the best we can do. Tangle 'em up!!!  :o) It's taken a long time to being to realize how some of this works. It may be just a long process until we learn what they can do.

So, say no to this idea of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, or the peeling away of onions or the forced opening of a lotus flower.

A healthy amount of peace, love, joy mixed with a healthy dose of boundaries and telling them to back off!!  :o)