They Try to Convince You of Untruths

If you are a target, more than likely you were made VERY aware of it by some sort of very traumatic event, or series of events, that woke you up to it. Most targets KNOW they are targets. There is no doubt. With that said, if you're a target and you knew all was fine and dandy prior to whatever events woke you up to this new reality, you are a completely sane and healthy person with a good head on your shoulders. Those who created extreme chaos--a vortex of mind tricks and activity that probably made you running around like a chicken with your head cut off--are very ill indeed. Hold onto the fact because if you are still experiencing their wrath, they will stop at nothing to convince you that you're 'sick.'  You're not sick.

Here's my theory, which is based on many other theories out there on the Internet in regards to this topic, which made sense to me. These people must be members of cults, extreme groups, the darker side of government agencies, corrupt organized crime families or similar. They are highly trained (since birth, some of them), and might get paid, to drive a target completely mad, insane and crazy. The tactics are sophisticated, overwhelming for normal/untrained people, they are very effective, and they are criminal is mischievous in nature. Anyone, like a target, not involved with such groups first must come to terms with the fact that there are many people who are loyal to such groups. They are OK doing ANYTHING for money, or other rewards, from group leadership and they will do anything to secure their memberships in these groups. These 'cabals' are often presented to members as being the end-all, be-all in life. In a way, members are probably brainwashed to a degree. And, if they aren't, they are afraid to betray their comrades. There is nothing new about the idea of certain groups believing they are superior to others and that others need to be taken out or taken down for whatever reason. This is age-old business, but modern society tends to hide that fact from us. For instance, I have O Negative blood. Some have suggested that my blood type gives some people reason enough to target me. I had no idea O Negative blood was a big deal to some. I don't really buy into this idea that my blood type is of any significance or insignificance, but if other people do, I can't control that.

But back to the point. People, especially members of dark groups, are paid to get rid of anyone and anything they see as competition or as standing in their way. That could be a company, it could be certain kinds of people, or whatever. One of the best ways to get rid of someone, or take him or her down, is by manipulating him or her into believing he or she is sick, mentally ill, confused, unhinged, disoriented. They achieve this manipulation by confusing a target as much as possible, by rejecting targets often, by changing facts when in correspondence with them, by gas lighting them, by scaring them, creeping them out, creating errors (maybe at work) to make a target appear incompetent when, in fact, the attacker is creating the error(s). Sabotage. If a target surrenders to the belief that he or she actually did make those errors or is completely confused, then they've achieved what they wanted. The sad fact is, if you find yourself on the receiving end of this, you will have to find a way to document certain things in the moment in order to prove you are not making errors. (I'm using the 'error' idea as an example) Say your schedule at work keeps appearing incorrect on some office-wide document, but you know you sent in the correct information because you always have, you've done it for years, etc. Making extra copies of your original submission of a schedule is one way to prove you did not make an error. Maybe repeating back conversations to clarify what was said between you and another who might be participating as an attacker is yet another way to confirm to yourself that you didn't confuse anything. In some cases, some targets, sadly, might need to wear a discrete microphone to prove they retained information correctly in a meeting or conversation, what have you. Without such documentation of what actually occurred in any given situation, it is very easy for the manipulative types to convince a target that he or she was 'mistaken.' They may follow that up with a very patronizing comment like, "Are you feeling ok? Experiencing forgetfulness? You keep confusing what we talked about...."  You get the picture. They are trying to make you out to be 'sick' or suffering from confusion or amnesia, etc. When, in fact, you're not!!!

Some theorists believe our society of medical practices has become so bad, that those who are part of these cults/groups are willing to get paid to fuel the never-ending medical industry. They want more people on pharmaceutical products, convinced they're losing their minds, they want people suffering internally/mentally because 'they can't remember anything,' etc.

Basically, people get paid to send targets into the medical industry where targets wind up spending a lot of time and money on an issue they never really had to begin with. Keeping your wits about you, documenting information as a backup for your actions and realizing what these people are doing is one step toward overcoming their attempts to drive you 'crazy.'  (In fact, they will utter that word very often in a target's presence so that it becomes sublimated in a target's brain).

If you know you're a target. You are completely SANE. You are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and, yes, SUPERIOR in mentality to those working so hard to bring you down. Hold on to this knowledge.