The Torment

First, I just want to say that if you find yourself hit by this manipulative activity and behavior called orchestrated stalking and harassment, please remind yourself constantly that you are NOT THE CRAZY ONE. THEY ARE! Depending on the level they use, life can appear pretty bleak. But you can survive it by employing a lot of critical thinking. Lots of talking to yourself to remind yourself that you were hit by them. They have something to hide. Keep saying these words over and over to yourself if you must because one of their goals is to torment you to the point that you lose that solid foundation within yourself. So much so that you begin to doubt your own sanity. Hold fast to what you know--and that is that they decided to make you a target and they probably won't ever tell you exactly why. It is how they thrive. Hard to believe, but it's true. They gain energy and 'lifeblood' by carrying out mind tricks upon targets.

There are multiple ways they torment people. Some I included in an earlier blog that lists basic tactics like street theatre, constant whistling, coughing, spitting and key jangling.

But it goes deeper than that. Many of the people involved in this criminal activity understand psychology at a very high level. Some of the members of these groups have A LOT OF MONEY. Knowing that, a target is very aware that very wealthy members can fabricate evidence against targets with great ease and without much effort. In fact, they will play mind games through correspondence with you should you be in contact with them because you thought they were friends, or you're seeking answers from them as previous friends who seem to be in on it.

One of the mind games they play is by intimidating you through, say, a text, that is in response to, say, a text you sent them while seeking answers about the activity. They will respond by texting or saying the following: "I find your correspondence unhinged and threatening. It seems you are suffering from schizophrenia and I suggest you no longer correspond with me," ..and so on. Yikes!!!

For someone who is a target, such words are a threat and induce even greater fear. The initial correspondence from the target to the 'attacker' may not have been threatening at all, but because the wealthy attacker claims the correspondence was threatening, the target is left in fear, worried that the wealthy attacker (who could be a lawyer or similar--and who knows the system inside and out) will file something against him or her, the target. The reality is, the target didn't say or do anything threatening at all. But it doesn't make the fear or torment less for him or her because, in general, a target is not wealthy and does not know the system inside and out. Therefore, the target is concerned about what that wealthy attacker will do and is subjugated back into a state of submissiveness, in a sense.

If a target is really confident, he or she can text back saying, "Nice try!! Schizophrenics cannot form coherent sentences. I am merely seeking an explanation to whatever was unleashed upon me. There is nothing threatening about that. Thank you for making me stronger than most, and apologies always accepted!"..maybe end with a smiley emoiticon.

In a way, such a response turns the tables on the attackers. Even more, the target is documenting, and very clearly articulating, him or herself. It also shows that a target is aware of what schizophrenia is or isn't. This will cause the lawyer types to back down a little because their job is a lot easier when dealing with someone without that knowledge. Once they realize you know things like this, they may not want to work that hard to actually fabricate a case. It might be too much work for them.

By the way. Many targets experience an initial traumatic 'hit.' That high trauma releases lots of cortisol. Very high levels of cortisol can create symptoms of schizophrenia. A target does not actually have schizophrenia. Once healing begins, those symptoms will subside. The elites know this. And they use it when they want someone to go 'ballistic." Why they want people to go ballistic is anyone's guess. My theory is that they need snappers to feed the big machine. Targets often wind up in mental institutions, or harming others or themselves--the latter two feeding big media, talking heads, lawyers, doctors, the whole nine yards.

If you are hit by them and are armed with this knowledge, hopefully it helps you keep moving forward. Like the saying goes, "If you're in hell, keep going."  ..eventually you'll reach the other side. Keep holding on and learn all you can about their weaknesses or what you can do to heal yourself. Focus on healing. And, remember, they are seriously mentally ill for doing what they do.

Please know that I was on a completely different path prior to 2011. There is no way I would've ever imagined I'd be writing about this. I'd prefer to be in a much happier and blissful place, living more freely. But for whatever reason, people, and others like me, were forced here. I got hit pretty hard. Lots of rich people here in Philadelphia. Old money, old ways of surviving. Lots of 'black ops' 'psy ops' and stuff like that. I didn't know anything about this stuff, wasn't planning on knowing about it and thought I'd be in the Pacific Northwest by now running along beautiful landscapes and enjoying nature. Instead. I'm still here. But hopefully this book and these words will help others out there if they are hit by this.

Peace, love and keep your boundaries. You are precious cargo and no one should be violating that. :o)