The Thing About Intention

Intention. It is a powerful thing. Some have mastered it, using it to their advantage for good or bad, while some use it without realizing that they're using it. (The latter means a person is acting unconsciously. Once we are conscious of our actions, there is more power behind intention, I believe) Either way, a person's intention behind every action has an effect on him or herself and, in many cases, the world around him or her. When it comes to orchestrated harassment, participants of this 'game' intend to further harm the target's psyche through actions and gestures both big and small.

What I'm trying to say is, when it comes to this orchestrated stalking business, and it's a business, those participating understand the powers of intention to the extent that that they will chip away at others in any way they can. They may use their middle fingers to push elevator buttons in front of you, scratch the itch on their chins with those fingers, or point at something on, say, a chalkboard in an accentuated manner, drawing attention to this fact that they're using the universal  "F-U" signal so that you don't miss it.

What I discovered, though, is that they may not understand intention all the way. They are deficient when it comes to one very important point. That point is that what they do to others they are doing to themselves. Anyone on the receiving end of this treatment can use that information for self protection and survival. Hopefully you can, too.  Here's how:

If an orchestrated stalker/harasser takes the time, energy and thought to use a tactic--even a small one like purposely (intentionally) using their middle finger to push an elevator button or scratch their faces in front of you, they are using time, energy and thoughts in a negative way to perform that action. This results in the growth of negativity in their own brains. Synapses are firing at a rapid pace and in an uncool way for them. In essence, their actions probably have a greater effect on themselves than on the person they are attempting to torment through their ridiculous, absurd and, well, immature, actions.

Why they work so diligently to do such things is still a mystery to me. They work in groups, so it might be that they know the collective effort to harm someone does a lot of damage. But they are still harming themselves. Some of them may not even have the natural, innate desire to be harmful, but because they want to be part of this group and the agenda it is promoting, they will act outside of their normal character to perform these ridiculous acts. They, those who are going against their normal nature, are harming themselves the most.

Keeping this in mind could relieve some of the pain inflicted by such people. Being on the receiving end of this means life becomes an act of survival for a while, sadly. It shouldn't be that way, but we don't get to control others' behaviors when they choose to act like this. The best we can do is remind ourselves that we probably would never want to be like them. And that's a good thing. They really are harming themselves more than those they are hoping to harm.

The middle finger gestures, couched in elevator-button pushing or face scratching, is on the smaller end of the kinds of tactics these people use, but it adds a great deal to the bigger scheme of things. Some targets encounter upwards of 10 people a day who do this, while also encountering people on the street who carry out fake skits designed to creep out a target, in addition to that they experience computer interruptions of upwards of five times before lunch and so much more. This no-touch torture can go on non-stop, especially after the initial hit, or induction, as a target into this bizarre experience. The list describing what these people do is infinite. They will use whatever insecurity a target possesses to their advantage, somehow they know any and all past 'mistakes' a target has made and will utilize that information to create guilt and they will attempt to make the target believe that his or her 'transgressions' are major infractions or crimes. The reality is: Most targets' transgressions are dwarfed in comparison to what these people do. The crimes of those acting out far exceed the average persons small missteps in life.  The idea of the aggressors is to create guilt, shame and fear for any possible wrongdoings a target has ever done. They, the aggressors, do this to hide the fact that they are very dangerous criminals and, for all intents and purposes, murderers.  

Just remember. Every action one of these aggressors takes is an action against themselves.

Peace, Love, Joy and All Good Things to Anyone experiencing this. There must be a reason this possible 'test' has been placed before us and as long as we don't act out in the way they hope, we will transcend the negativity.