The Spider Web

Another quick post on this Monday evening the day after Easter and the last day of Passover.

Somewhere around year three of this experience I was awakened to the fact that in our society there are different factions of people or families, gangs, what have you. There are "spiders"--who are more like the Brits and there are the "Owls" who are more like the Bush family. (there are other groups, but these seem to be the main two). The Spiders originate from across the pond and have a lot of Royal control over here in North America. The Owls are, of course, the Bush family rulers.

It seems the spiders are quite adept at creating the web around targets. They know how to do this orchestrated harassment thing very well, it seems. Let's just say I've felt like I was spun into a web that is almost impossible to escape. It goes back to the idea of wherever you go, there they are. So, like a cute little lady bug trapped in a web, you try to crawl this way and that, only for the spider to keep webbing it's "silk" and lies and trappings around the cute innocent little lady bug.

There is a way out. I think it takes time. The web doesn't seem as tight and as intricate as it was for the first five-and-half-years. It's loosening and beginning to whither away. Thank God!!!

So, yes, saying you're caught in a "spider web" is a good way to describe this experience.