The Price is Right

Over and over again many people ask why would anyone participate in activity designed to harm someone. Why single someone out just to play games?

Those attempting to expose this very nefarious game suggest that it has a lot to do with that age-old thing many are desperate for:  Money.

In order to carry out some activities, it just might be that 'the price is right.'  Yes, ladies and gentleman, a lot of people are easily bought. Many don't consider the harm they are inflicting, how many other people are also inflicting harm upon the same person, how bad some of the tactics are and so on. It simply comes down, for many, to, and they don't think about anything else except for that.

In a previous post, I mentioned someone repeating a story about a heart surgeon and musician, which was a story that came up during the first couple months of my 'hit.' My guess is that someone offered that person the right price to incorporate that story into his/her monologue before teaching a class I was attending.

I think it is also important to note, at this juncture, that targets are often called the following names: dogs, rats, squirrels, pigs, whores or "ho's" , turtles (odd one), rats, etc. People on the street will actually do this in passing and whisper it behind a target's ear in line at a cafe. or on the street while passing them. They even do it through social media via indirect posts, images or messages--but in such a way that the target will pick up on the name-calling as being a personal 'dig.'

What's most interesting when considering a word like 'ho,' is the fact that if 'the price is right,' these people will do anything. If that's not a ho, I don't know what is. :o)

My apologies to the nicer crowd among us. I was in that crowd, and still am to a degree. But when you realize just how many people are willing to, literally, 'take you out'...meaning, attempt to send you to the 'crazy farm' or worse, you can't be nice to them. The line must be drawn. Fortunately we can stand up for ourselves through the written word without being violent, without naming specific names (I wish I could, but I won't), and so on.  It gives targets strength to do so, it reinforces what we know to be true about what is happening to us and it keeps us focused on exposing them while maintaining credibility. If we were to act out in 'crazy' or violent ways, our credibility in our society would sink to the bottom. Raising above them is finding a way to keep documenting, to keep researching in order to learn more about these kinds of tactics, and remembering: if they can be bought that easily to say something, or do something, so convoluted and cruel, then they are the ones with a serious mental problem.

Peace. love. good vibes and if you're a target you are the sane one!