The Mystery of the Magic Locks

One of the most effective tactics for cults or similar groups to lure people into their spider webs is via tactics designed to convince the unsuspecting target that he or she needs the member who is luring him or her in. The member is made out to be someone who always has the magic touch. Often, the member is also charming and seemingly super fun to be with. Who doesn't love that? Right?!

The problem in these kinds of cases is that the current "cult" member (or gang member, etc) is bent on one goal. To lure an innocent person into becoming part of a group that is far, far, far from innocent. Not just bad, really bad. One way the member does this, which I've been subjected to and observed being used on someone else, is the mystery of the magic lock example. Let me explain:

Many  years ago, I joined a gym when moving to the big city for the first time. The gym was everything I dreamed of in an "urban gym."  It felt urban, was a bit edgy (it's changed since then), lots of diversity (which I was looking for having grown up in a semi-homogenous environment) and was fun! While there I decided to partake of a free session with a professional trainer. It was free, so why not. I was ok with the trainer, not super impressed, but I liked the idea of building relationships also. Having a trainer was one way of doing that. After several sessions, this trainer walked with me back to the locker room. We were having a conversation and I reached down to unlock my locker. I used a very basic combination lock. The round ones most people find at the average convenience store. I'd used that lock for a long time and never had any issues opening on the first go-round. But this time, I kept going to the digits, turning the knob the correct way...and it wouldn't open. Five time I did this with great precision after the second time it didn't open. My trainer jokingly said, "Let me do it already!!" So, I read the digits as she turned the combination lock. Lo and behold, it opened right away....   Personally, I was wondering why or how that could be the case. However, I realized, this exercise could have reinforced the notion that this trainer (who is probably in a cult or gang) had the magic touch! It's like when dating someone and the person you're with 'wins' all kinds of things. It's seems like that person is lucky. They look super awesome. It creates a sense the target should depend on that member/ this case, trainer. It can also create the sense that the target has something wrong with her to not be able to open her own lock. My initial read on this is that these members do their best to develop the image of having super powers, in a way. They create illusions about how awesome they are.

How this could be done, I don't know. Unless another member messed with the lock beforehand, ensuring I wouldn't be able to open it immediately. (which would be easy for the average criminal to do).  It's kind of like witchcraft. It's a craft...a criminal craft.

I witnessed this same scenario play out once more, only I wasn't the one targeted. Someone I knew was dating a guy. We all met for a special event, which was held by a riverbank here in the city in which I live. He rode his bike to the event. When we were about to leave, he walked up to his bike and kept attempting to unlock his Kryptonite. This lock, of course, consists of a special key that is inserted into the lock to release it. After several attempts, the woman he was seeing made a comment in a semi-arrogant way. "Let me do it, already" she said. And so, he handed her the key, she bent over and unlocked ...just like magic.  The same tactic could be going on. Someone might have giggled the lock in such a way that he would be unsuccessful the first few times before she stepped in to save they day. Again, I'm not sure how it's done. There's been enough mysterious occurrences that seem supernatural to make me wonder, but these kinds of locks might be easy to manipulate.

I will say this. There are a lot of members. It's very easy for them to work in concert to really mess with their targets.

If you're a target, my belief is that it is best to keep moving forward. Eat the healthiest food you can. Develop mental and physical strength the best way you can and know in  your heart of hearts that these members are very desperate. They only feel in control if they swarm and close ranks around someone who never even knew they existed.