The Hard Climb

Winding up on a list for gangstalking, or any takedown program resembling it, is considered among 'the hardest climbs' for anyone forced to endure it. The tactics, technologies and sheer numbers of people involved in the obstruction process in these types of attacks are so incredibly harmful to a person's sense of self, confidence, and ability to live, he or she barely has a chance of surviving it. It is designed to steer a person directly into extreme poverty, into mental states of desperation, or into lifestyles that will ultimately kill him or her. Rising above it comes at a cost, but it also comes with rewards--those rewards being admiration from those who know the severities of gangstalking, and, the other reward being what some consider, The Crown.

The tactics were used on Martin Luther King. In his day, some of the technologies--like computer hacking--were not yet employed. But the bizarre stalking, spy tactics (including microphones in his home and elsewhere), mind games on the street and various other obstacles were placed before him so as to prevent him from spreading his word. He, in a positive way, was able to mobilize and motivate oppressed populations into taking action. I, myself, am no MLK, but, sadly, the same tactics (in addition to computer hacking and social media bombardment by cruel 'friends' or twitter handlers) are being used on everyday citizens as someone's idea of a game or worse, population control by means of killing off a target.

There are 'factions' of people, certain family lineages, etc., who believe that in order for resources to not be depleted, people need to be sacrificed, pushed down and killed off. To them, resources are scarce. They're the ones living in fear. They will, in fact, sacrifice their own should financial emergencies arise. To them, it is sink or swim. Only the 'strongest' survive. Who decides what is strong and what is not is based on THEIR opinions. 

The reality is that resources are not THAT scarce. There is more than enough to go around. Many people have talents. Finding out what they are and putting them to use is American. It's pioneering. Only in westernized civilizations can top surfers get sponsored, surf around the world and train to hone their craft.

To the gangstalkers, who often make their money criminally anyway, everything in life is dog-eat-dog. If one man can swindle better than another, then he deserves the top spot. Often, they do not appreciate anything outside of their box. This means that, to them, artists, unusual physical sports like surfing or skateboarding, philosophers, dog walkers, or baristas, don't carry their weight. Worse, if one of their own embarrasses them, they sacrifice them via death or allow them to be the ones who wind up in prison for the very same crimes they commit. 

The gangstalker's climb is not a hard one, they cheat, steal, plunder and pillage. They intimidate others, are bullies and get a rise out of tricking, obstructing and beating down good people. They know how to do it, it's easy for them, they don't care about who they hurt or how. They have no depth, no soul, no genuine generosity. They get off on watching others suffer. It is their life blood.

The climb is very hard, however, for those who survive such blubbering idiots with their sacrifice mentalities and their dog-eat-dog beliefs. It is the ones who fight past such limited views of the world, the ones who believe in themselves and stand their ground. It is them gain the coveted crown.