The Game (1997) w/Sean Penn and TV Brainwashing

Dots were connected today regarding TV programs, schizophrenia, brainwashing and how groups with sophisticated technology can create brainwashing programs on TV networks, like the Dish Network, that are personalized for a target to make him or her (who would be in a state of great fear already) believe the program, and actors in it, are directly speaking to the target. At the very least, the programming could be too coincidental to a target's life. Let me explain further:

For starters, consider the movie The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. There are many tactics revealed in that movie that actually occurred in my experience. The movie lightens the mood a bit by having a seeming happy ending and by using a plot line that suggests the 'target' in the movie actually signed up for a life-changing experience. In real life, the target never signed up for anything. Also, the ending, while it seems happy....isn't really when you consider some actual, real-life targets could be harming themselves..jumping off bridges or buildings, etc. There's no net at the bottom for real life targets. In the movie, there is. In the movie, the main character who is the target, returns home from work only to realize that when he turns on the network news, the anchor actually addresses him by name. The news guy was talking to him, which freaks out the main character, in this case the main character was played by Michael Douglas.

Here's the deal. Early on in my experience, I called every person I knew under the sun in order to find answers. Even people I'd distanced myself from because I didn't like them very much. One of the people I called talked about how one of her kids had an anxiety issue. Her child would lick her hands out of anxiety. It sounded really strange at the time because the child wasn't very young. The child was, maybe 10 or 11, not 4 or 5 years old. The hand licking seemed odd for the child's age, but I put it aside because I was too busy running around working, calling people, looking for things to do so I wouldn't be in my apartment by myself. One of the things I did to keep busy was do a morning run with someone I knew from a running group I'd joined before all this happened. After one of the runs, this running friend asked me if I wanted to grab dinner and watch some TV at his place. I was excited to be invited up. It was keeping me busy and I desperately needed to have a friend. He was the closest thing at the time. He turned on his TV to watch a program that included a woman veterinarian and a few other characters, including an actress who used to be on Grey's Anatomy. During the program, the Grey's Anatomy actress went on and on about how her dog kept licking her paws due to anxiety. That became part of the entire program. I had just talked to the person who said her daughter licked her hands. It was too coincidental and I realized the runner wanted me to see this. In fact, the show we were watching wasn't really ready for TV. It was almost a pre-release of that show. As if several versions of a show are created. It felt low-budget and not quite what we'd see on regular TV. It wasn't up to par that much. Definitely low budget. Of course, this added to the strangeness of everything going on.

Imagine being scared and terrorized out of your apartment or house and having an endless supply of bizarre behaviors, intimidation tactics, people saying and doing things that don't match up to what people usually do and say (wacky Wednesday-ish)..and then to see a TV program reiterating an entire scenario that just played out during one of your phone conversations a day or two prior. You freak out! You begin to wonder what in the world is going on.

What's going on is major mind manipulation. An attempt to turn someone who is just fine into a schizophrenic or worse. The CIA has been knows to circulate fake news articles since the 50s at least. It seems they are now in the business of 'washing' TV programs. In fact, Dish washing seems to be the joke lately. Dish Network just might be the easier network to manipulate. My mom has the Dish Network and she's mentioned things that have gone on in relation to her programming that struck me as odd. In her case, it's more along the lines of a show or sports team she wanted to see for a special game but, all of a sudden, the channel is missing and can't be accessed as if it were hacked into. There's been odd inconveniences on her TV. Having been through this, I realized whoever is behind this is trying to mess around with a lot of people who are in my family or who I'm dependent upon for love and support. 

The movie does a good job of showing just how much manipulation can go on, how many people are willing to participate and how far they will go.

If someone suspects this is happening to them, I'd say don't jump off a bridge or similar. I don't believe there's a net waiting at the bottom. The movie suggests there is. I wouldn't try it!!!

Knowledge is power. It disarms those trying to wipe out others.  :o)

Here to help!!