The Bird at the Back Door

Whoever or whatever is behind the intimidation tactics of orchestrated harassment will incorporate all kinds of ploys to add to the infinite number of tactics going on all at once and in-concert during a targeted individual's experience. At the height of my experience I would have upwards of 20 to 30 bizarre 'events' occur daily. It's slowed down in this, now, sixth year. I'm not sure why, exactly. I'm just happy for more peace.

Dead birds was a tactic they liked to use fairly often. By this I mean that dead birds would show up in strategic places so that I could see them. My guess is, they do the same thing to other targets. A bird can represent freedom, 'flying,' singing, soaring. All things that come with the idea of being free and feeling good. Many people make this sort of connection in their minds when they think of birds or see birds. "Free as a bird" as they say. Therefore, having dead birds appear along your usual route, maybe at your front door, or near the bike stand where you lock your bike, will create a negative thought in anyone's brain--target or not.

One of the most memorable dead bird scenarios occurred while I was walking a dog for a client who lives in a very wealthy and newly built high-rise here in center city Philadelphia. It is near City Hall and I, personally, call it the  Stealth Building. It is very new and is built to last. It feels like a pressure chamber inside. The atmosphere inside the building is completely different than the outside. It seems unbreakable. My guess is that many people living and employed at this location are part of intelligence communities. Not just anyone can be there. These people are highly trained from the ground up, meaning regardless of the position of anyone there, they can play this 'game.' And they did. Elevator games were played with employees jumping on and off while saying certain things that indicated they knew my business. Very nuanced. They smiled and laughed while doing it.

But, the most memorable occurrence at that building was when I took the dog I was walking through the back exit and, smack dab in front of that door (on the outside) was a yellow-bellied bird. Dead, lifeless, lying on its back. It was as if it had been placed there just prior to be exiting so that I'd notice it right away. During the height of this activity, any and all 'deadly' references instilled enormous fear inside of me. It seems it would for any target.  Say an employer of non-union workers walked out his front door and saw a dead bird or 'horse head' or something like that. That person would know it was for him. Without a doubt. It's like that. This dead bird was used to instill more fear into me. They knew I was scared sh*tless and they had a field day with it. Why I wound up in this position is beyond me. Like I've said before, I was ready to move to the Pacific Northwest, had made two connections there and was hoping to build a life in more natural settings. I'd lived in the city long enough and was still seeking a 'home.'  Big deal. I had reached a point in my life where relationships were important, and that's what I thought I was working on. Why some people are selected for this activity is beyond me. Hopefully, any and all targeted can find a way to report what's been happening to them and can continue deflecting what they do as much as possible. My experience has been that most targets are not experts in law, they aren't wealthy, they don't know the system inside and out and, they are not of the 'hunter' mentality. Those behind this live by archaic belief systems. It seems they need to 'hunt' others. As if it is their lifeblood, I guess. Just theorizing.

Keeping the peace and working to find a way to get beyond them!