Take-Down Programs, Exploitation, Stalking and Harassment

ALL OF IT GOES hand-in-hand. Takedown programs, exploitation, harassment and intimidation.  Intricate and elaborate orchestrated schemes built around chosen individuals, much like those who are bred into underground human trafficking rings. The programs involve a network of trained people who spend their days exorcising harmful campaigns--both blatant and nuanced--as a means to take down their selected targets. The campaigns may start out slight with basic rude behavior, every day rejection, small 'accidents,' seemingly normal bullying or seeming workplace errors for which a target believes he or she is responsible. Maybe a solicitor selling insurance door-to-door slips on your steps and wishes to sue. It all seems like everyday life, normal accidents and errors or rudeness. Until it escalates. Odd occurrences begin happening on a regular basis, almost too much too to be true. Targets begin questioning what could be going on because while life has it peaks and valleys, rude people and bizarre activity--these occurrences seem orchestrated. Fake. Like those around the target are doing it on purpose for a laugh, sadistic pleasure or out of desperate need for power. Eventually, there is a tipping point. Targets awaken to their reality--that some people are either born into a program or wind up on a list--one that involves large amounts of people--sometimes belonging to various groups--whose main job is to create as much strife as possible in a target's life. Many theories surround the reasons for this new reality. Some revolve around spiritual warfare, some suggest a New World Order takeover, others believe it is due to a growing number of power-hungry people who see the 'weaker' among us as prey who need to be gotten rid of or used to feed their need for power.

Whatever the reason. It is happening. It is real. It is not born out of targets' paranoia. Paranoia is induced as a result of the escalation of attacks.

What is our world becoming? Reports of these programs are worldwide, though here in the States it suggests new forms of government.

Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making is a wake-up call to those not yet in-the-know. Will you be ready if you are among the chosen? How will you survive and do you know who your friends really are?  This book reveals a narrator in the prime of her life only to find her newfound friends were a lie....