Take-Down Programs--A 46-Year Study

Divorce, early pregnancy, relentless bullying, snubs, slights, mind manipulation games, premeditated attacks on families, calculating 'dark agents' within our medical system serving those unaccustomed to exorcising their rights, knowing their doctors and choosing the best options.

All of these and many more tactics and strategies are at hand, every day, to divide and conquer. It is an age-old practice with ever-changing new 'faces' so as to blend--this divide and conquer activity. Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making awakens you to a very blatant program of orchestrated harassment, organized stalking, relentless hacking, creepy street theater and more. It just so happens that in the case of this narrator, it was a very calculated divorce that set the wheels of the take-down program into action. Since then, members of the family instigating the divorce made very obvious attempts to throw their adversaries into the cycle of poverty by chipping away at their psyches, setting them up on 'dates' with hopes of impregnating them (a cycle of poverty strategy used by many), and even orchestrating drama that would cause rebelliousness among teens who turn to drugs and self-destruct. It looks as if those 'choosing' to be in certain situations are to take responsibility, but what if those teens are set up to be in those situations.

For those not yet in-the-know, there are many willing to be intimate with others in order to spread deadly infectious diseases. They are willing to impregnate others with low income in order to keep them there. There are 'the evil people' who willingly and very intentionally gain pleasure by walking into families and rattling them to the core, creating ultimate destruction. Distrust, addiction, temptation, the whole nine yards. The evil dead who walk among us take great pleasure in practicing take-down activity upon others. They will even send out people to knock on your door who "accidentally" trip and fall on your steps, the ones with that one loose stone at the bottom you've been meaning to fix over the past few months. Suddenly, you're strapped with legal fees. They love creating anger, rage, frustration and dissension from within your own home by feeding your family members lies, spreading rumors, secretly taping you or creating situations that could put you  in compromising positions and situations. And they will use it, one way or another, to bring you down.

While this information may strike many as negative or paranoid, please know that the narrator in this story was rudely awakened from her very idealistic views. She was then set on a path which slowly opened her eyes, through various means, as to the level of deceit, betrayal and premeditation that went into the attempts on her own family. She applied to two colleges for an MFA, one of which required an unusually long personal statement. She wrote about her experiences from upbringing to present and the truth revealed itself...as if that college wanted the narrator to see the bigger picture. One by one the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Her family has been under attack, very calculatingly, for more than 46 years. The proof is there--from her mother's Gynecologist who was ousted from the Philippines and offered work here in the States. He made sure my mother had an O Negative blood-type child. It matters, it turns out. He was on a mission, mom had no idea, and never questioned him because she was your typical low-income mom who didn't question her doctors. A divorce involving  a neighbor seducing a parent, quite intentionally, it turns out. Resulting in a divorce and marriage between the adults of the affair. Teachers on strike, bussing-less about desegregation and more about  political agendas. All kids caught up in a vortex of shuffling and confusion. High school boys from "intelligence" families coming onto targeted girls in attempts to impregnate. Guy after guy after guy attempting to impregnate women in college. (Not out of basic horniness, but with agendas) Young Ladies who've been made vulnerable by such action seek love in 'intimacy'...they, those hell-bent on destruction families...know that very well. They sleep with and reject, not out of respect/disrespect issues, but because, in these cases, they know the pain it causes for someone desperate for love and affection to be rejected constantly. For targets, the interrogation goes on. Bizarre workplace harassment beyond the normal politics or annoying behavior found at work. The harassment is enough for the target to want to up and leave, find work elsewhere. Only he or she finds the same situation in the next job. These programs are so sophisticated, they are designed to entrap targets the more they move through life without yet falling into the trap. It is a constant and increasing game of "how can we take-down a target."

More people should be aware of what's going on around them. This is why Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making was written. To show just how far the evil dead will go to take down the 'living,' or those they deem targets for one reason on another. It's not a joke, it's not imagination or paranoia. It's happening, it's a growing situation, and the vulnerable need to know!


--This is a work-in-progress. More information to be posted.