Tactics Used to Harass via The Gangstalking Method

"I don't 'know where to begin." That's what someone said after calling me one day. I'd asked him what kind of activity he'd been experiencing and that was his answer. He'd found my phone number and was supposedly another targeted individual. He was letting me know about a meet-up group for targeted individuals. A place where TIs could join up with like-minded people. In other words, a chance for TIs to avoid isolation because isolation is an absolute goal for perpetrators. They use an endless array of tactics to drive a TI crazy, to cause TIs to trust no one, question everyone, and become  reclusive. In general, reclusiveness is a 'killer.' Even the most independent among us need social interaction--even if on the lowest level.

The tactics they use to create isolated conditions run the gamut of old-school mafia tricks to more modern computer-related ones.  When used all at once and in concert, a targeted is barraged with external stimulation designed to harm. This in turn causes severe problems for a TI who knows nothing about what's going on, is ill-prepared to handle it all and, most likely, is a naturally thin-skinned or sensitive person. This results in an all-out assault upon the psyche, which even the toughest would have a hard time surviving with her mentality in-tact.

Some of the tactics include, but are not limited to:

Streams of people swarming, passing by or coming up to a Target to whistle, spit, cough or ask directions to a place that might be too familiar and too coincidental to the Target.

Many people throughout the TIs daily routine, and who are in very close proximity, jangling keys, snapping, clicking their pens or similar.

Many parked large vehicles releasing air brakes when a TI passes by. This could result in upwards of 10 or more vehicles coincidentally releasing air breaks as a TI walks by or rides by on a bike. After the third or fourth time in a day or two, the TI becomes suspicious, then annoyed.

Mobbing in-person and online. For instance, in person, a group of people might swarm the TI in a store to make the TI feel uncomfortable. How many people need to--all of sudden--go for the cucumbers at the same time after a TI approaches the cucumbers. Or, in line at stores, people will outright butt in front of TIs blatantly or crowd around behind a TI so closely, the TI feels like they're making her feel as though they want to butt in front of her or to 'close her into' the line. Some might even handle a TIs groceries inappropriately on the conveyor belt, pushing them with force up the belt so that they can squeeze their groceries onto the inch at the end of the belt.  Online, it is an all-out war of how many people can jump on and post or comment in negative, pejorative and 'attacking' ways to chip away at a Target's self-esteem. They will jump onto Facebook posts, Twitter, YouTube, you name it. Some will even post things about your private life that you think no one would've known about. Some mock a TIs comments. For instance, back in 2010 Philly had a very cold winter with snow arriving in late 2010. Very unusual to have snow before January. I commented on Facebook that I was hugging my radiator to keep warm. I had no idea what was coming down the pike for me, but in 2011, I was hit severely, one of the thousands of creepy and fear-inducing comments on social media (before I took it down) was from a girl I knew who mocked my comment about hugging the radiator. it was obvious what she was doing. Another was from a former friend who posted a photo of her being hog-tied and bound and 'shoved in a basement.'  She actually posed for that picture, which was more than disturbing at the time because it was in the beginning of 2011 and this was during the initial hit. I literally was led to believe that I'd be kidnapped, or homeless, or dead. That image fed right into my psyche, which was cracked open wide for the taking at the time.

They will stream by your apartment or home. If you reside and sleep on the first floor this makes it convenient for them to conduct fake skits outside your window about your personal life. To do more of the coughing, whistling, spitting or loud noise making. A target is so in-shock, she's not sure what to do and can't believe what's happening.

They will even enter your building and, in some cases, your home. I've had people leave things in the hallway next to my door, implying perpetrators can get into the building or live here. (Not many apartments in my building) They'll leave trash--sometimes with brand names that feed into the  more supernatural side of whatever it is they do. For instance, I sought out a counselor to get through this--one I knew was safe and not going to downplay what was happening. She used the word 'orbit' when talking about some people reaching into a new 'orbit' by not following in the footsteps of family and reaching out to explore new and different worlds. When I arrived, a packed of Orbit gum was placed neatly and directly in front of my door. (inside the building at my own, personal door) A theme of 'orbit' would continue for the week. They love operating on themes such as this. To call police is not as helpful as one might assume because the nuanced behavior doesn't fit in with completing a police report. I can't say I was attacked in the street. For Targets, so much goes on with stalking and innuendo, it makes it near  impossible to pinpoint one person as THE perp. Calling about a pack of gum at my door could be dismissed as someone accidentally dropping it there.

One of the more incredibly tactics includes being able to change music in a coffee shop or grocery store the minute a Target walk in. For example, say a TI leaves the city for a couple days to visit a relative and getaway. Upon return, she might stop at a grocery store and the minute she enters, the music begins to play a song about sometimes you need to get away. (I'll find the exact song and post it later..it's from the 70s or 80s)  Or, if a target experiences a romantic breakup (which is what the perps love to do--reject or divide and conquer) a target can go into a Starbucks and the music will turn to a song like The Rose--sometimes love it is a river..and so one. But it's sad and creates more sadness, despair and depression for the target who is still recovering and is now freaked out by the sudden switch to the new song at Starbucks.

Other activity includes confusing a Target's schedule through work. Trying to confuse the target on invoices or amounts due for payment, constantly changing the schedule. (this is in my case. for people working traditional jobs, I imagine there are many other opportunities to make it appear a target made mistakes. to hack them, confuse them, what have you)

At times, perpetrators may get a TIs phone number and will call with bogus messages or opportunities or just to freak you out. Fake job applications could appear online. Emails can be hacked and words re-arranged or edited so that you think someone you're in communication with is saying one thing, when really that person was saying something else. Can't rely on emails.

Constant Internet interruptions, even if a Target has the best and fastest online connection service.

Perpetrators love having fun with creating fake handles on social sites like Meet-up.com, or OKCupid and of course Facebook, Twitter, youtube, etc. They might play the game of rejection through these sites relentlessly, which will feed into any person's psyche on some level --even if the TI is aware it's a bunch of goons, the frustration factor still eats away at a person's soul. Sadly, high school kids have been hit by this and they harm themselves as a result, unable to find their way out of the mental maze, which is gangstalking.

Entire fake groups can be created knowing a Target might keep searching for 'normal' people who aren't involved. That often means a Target will look for a group of their liking, such as writing, knitting, reading groups, meeting groups about the super natural. Depending on the level of attack, entire fake groups can be created to surround the target who arrives seeking an escape from being a Target, only to realize the perpetrators are still there. They'll show up at yoga classes and squeeze into a space next to a Target. If you're white, there is an emphasis on all white people being racist, so they might have someone squeeze next to you who is not white and maybe even stands out as very different even for the city. Maybe, literally, someone wearing a genie costume. No joke. That's how ridiculous it is.

Even people who teach classes like yoga or writing will participate. In their opening monologues to the class, they may weave in words that relate directly to a Target's life and imply that they even hacked a Target's computer to get that info. As an example, I had a yoga instructor who went into a big, long story about how he wanted to be cool and was got his nipples pierced. As he went on and on, I realized (because this stuff was happening a lot) that he knew I'd looked up nipple piercing once out of curiosity and was mocking that. They love mocking targets. It seems to be the only way they feel important.

They also feel the need to control a target's life. They steal a target's creativity and ideas on what the target might want to do with her live...they steal a target's discovery of new things. This is a complicated one. Say a target has an exciting idea to join an activist group to fight for an AIDS cure. Before the target has a chance to really look into it, the perps know and one of them who knows the target enough to initiate a conversation might say, "You know, You should really look into being an activist for AIDS or something." The target had already thought of this and maybe typed it into the computer without having a chance to call someone right away. When a perpetrator says this immediately after, he or she is stealing the excitement and discovery of the Target's new idea.

There is a sense this group of perpetrators want to arrange a target's life. They have an idea of who this target should be with and what the target should do with her life and they will, literally, try to corral the Target in certain directions in order to achieve that. This is where it gets complicated, but the Target is aware of their intentions and what THEY want for the target as opposed to what the targets want. They act self-righteous as if they know what is better for the target. The mocking of the nipple piercing is a good idea because the guy talking about it said he was trying to be cool and wanted so badly to be among people going to a place like Burning Man. He was implying all kinds of things about the me in that way. Whereas I saw the nipple piercing as a way to release or express creativity. It wasn't as though I was trying to impress anyone or become part of a group. Quite the opposite. Not a huge group person to begin with, but the idea of having one encouraged, oddly, a healthy lifestyle. In order to wear one well, let's face it,  in  my opinion, I'd need to keep my body healthy. Perpetrators can only speak for themselves. They don't know every ounce of a Target's mind or body. But they want to. If they wanted to help a Target for whatever reason, using innuendo doesn't work. It just feels like mockery. Talking to people directly is the best way to go. Even if they were trying to drive home this very idea, that we need to talk to people directly, they should do so by talking to people directly. Any kind of reverse psychology is useless.