Sun Tzu, Bates and the 5 Essentials of Victory

Within Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making is a chapter called Bates & the 5 Essentials of Victory. It's about an unusual person I encountered in my life journey, which has involved dog walking as an occupation. Here's a quote from the beginning of the chapter, as well as an excerpt from the chapter, which is also an excerpt from the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu.


“Trouble your adversary’s governments, sow dissension among his leaders by inciting jealousy and distrust, provoke undiscipline, furnish causes for discontent…Division unto death is our goal, which we will try to attain by discrediting and throwing suspicion on the Sovereign’s generals until the gossip reaches his inner sanctum.”
 -from The Art of War by Sun Tzu

[Excerpt from Duplicity and Duress, and The Art of War by Sun Tzu]

Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:

 1.He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight 

 2.He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
 3.He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
 4.He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
 5.He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.


Just want to add how important the first 'essential for victory' is. Most targets are targeted because they don't have a lot resources at their fingertips, they don't have lots of money or influence, they don't have a hugely well-connected family and they don't have a vast network of friends who travel in circles that consist of high-level lawyers, movers and shakers, politicians, etc. While I'm all about 'fighting' that which oppresses. There's a smart way to go about it should you fall into this category I just described. It's called, winning=not fighting in the typical way we wish we could. Gathering up money for lawyers fees, trying to find investigators or lawyers who would actually take this on, desperately trying to convince people not in-the-know of your situation probably won't work at this point in time. Maybe someday...but that day is probably a long ways off, I'm sorry to say that. This has been my eye-opening experience. Winning is individual in this case. Meaning, if you can find the best way to exist without going 'bonkers' without acting out and without spending a lot of your own hard-earned money, then you win. Don't spend too much money!!! Save your loot!!!! Part of their game is to see you spend money without gaining much in return. You might spend it on therapy, expensive forms of exercise, tons of books, research, equipment to help you fend off whatever it is they could be using against you, moving to a new location without being ready to do so, etc. Try to spend within reason. In my case, they might have felt a victory because I was scared so badly I couldn't figure out where to go or what to do to escape whatever this is. I took yoga (that was ok) but I also wound up returning to school mainly thinking I would escape the activity. By going somewhere outside of my hometown, I thought it was a ticket away from this stuff. It wasn't. While I did get to 'demonstrate' that I could work well with others despite what was going on, that I could give and receive feedback in regards to writing, I wound up with student loans I never really wanted. Something like that is your call. But spending money on lawyer fees, bug sweeps, investigators, etc, might not be worth it. Even if you find bugs, then what. You go to the police, try to explain all the bizarre stuff and their investigation could go down the wrong path and get the wrong people in trouble. The people behind this are waaaayyyyy up there avoiding detection while they get their minions to do stupid things down here. If you want to eat better and purchase blenders or vitamix type things, that's probably ok, just be really careful how much you spend because it seems they gain somehow by tracking the dollar amount you spend trying to figure a way to survive their mind manipulation.

If you look very closely at very big cases out there in the world, all the people involved are already high level intel, more than likely. There's always something else at work. Take the Erin Brokovich (spelling?) story. Something else was going on there to push a 'regular' person to find all these answers about the local water supply. There was already an agenda at play and a lot more at work than we are told. While it seems a good story, it wasn't as if some random person wound up doing what needed to be done. As much as we'd like to believe such things. This gangstalking business seems to mock that kind of stuff. They want to watch you go out and try to find some pro bono lawyer to take on your case (or a lawyer with fees), they want to watch you try to convince others of what's going on. They love the idea of a bunch of people clamoring on a hotline about covert harassment desperately wanting to talk to people in Hollywood or similar to get this story out. They like the idea of people salivating at the idea of a Hollywood dream or similar. If you're not already way up there mingling with the super rich, it's not worth trying to get entangled in their web in an attempt to fight what they did to you, basically. In essence, if you try to fight in the way most people think of fighting, you're 'sleeping with the enemy' per se.

That's my take on it. Finding equilibrium through better health, exercise and meditation is good. That does cost money on some level. Anything beyond that could be a waste of money that's better off accumulating interest in your bank account.