Rules They Follow

While it might seem hard to believe, the players of this sadistic game actually follow rules. I say 'hard to believe' because their actions intend to seriously harm their targets...and even arm their targets, if you catch my drift. For some reason, though, they must abide by some kind of rule book that involves no-touch torture. If they touch you physically, they are deemed guilty of that which they are trying to do--seriously harm.

Why that is, I don't know. The game itself implies a lack of respect for basic rules that most of us abide by--like kindness, understanding, empathy, respect for others, and so on. Most of us don't go around relentlessly trying to provoke others into anger, rage or despair. Most of us want to at least earn a living and, if we're lucky, pursue careers, goals and dreams that inspire us. They, on the hand, are after power, destroying some peoples' DNA (I guess), tearing down others who uplift and inspire good things--like good health, hope, joy.....stuff like that. I'm not a religious person, and not someone who wishes to impose my belief systems on others, but I do prefer to live my life in such a way that promotes a healthy lifestyle--not one that tears others down. This experience has shown me that there is a huge population of people who prefer to tear down humanity. Some might see that as religious--the light against the dark, the spiritual warfare revealing itself through material means. I don't know. I just like aspiring to feel better in every day life and don't want others to feel really bad; and I don't go around thinking that if someone does something to hurt me, that gives me reason to 'go after them with a vengeance.' Typically, I would contemplate the situation for a really long time before deciding how to handle whatever transgression occurred against me.

These people don't do that. They act instantly. The minute someone (a target) does anything remotely opening the door for revenge or pay back, they'll take it. No contemplation about it for them. All they need is slight justification for going after a target. Really, they do all they can to create a situation that will force a target to react in such a way that gives them justification for going after them. Most targets don't go around trying to instigate problems. They try to avoid them. This is what I mean by rules. They can't touch a target and they can't further provoke a target without justification. If a target gives them nothing, they can't do anything.

Admittedly, they work so hard and diligently to create provocation that it is an enormous victory for the target should he or she have no reaction whatsoever. I believe this is why we read about people who "snap out" or go ballistic on others. Whether in the local news or on major networks as a huge story of someone going berserk.

Without creating too much fear, there is some benefit to a target realizing that they actually do want to get rid of a target. The benefit that thinking is that the target will adopt the mindset that he or she needs to survive and to go on living regardless of what they try to do. There's a balance in this way of thinking because I do not like the idea of promoting too much fear because it adds to paranoia and too much paranoia can lead to solution-seeking that is harmful to a target. That's not worth it. Knowing that these people are immature can be helpful as well. If aggressors want to provoke someone into becoming violent or totally insane, it means they are desperate. Why they are desperate is still in question. It's a way of existing that I don't really understand, but they do see this life as a game, the earth as its game board and certain people as their pawns. They have no problem trying to figure out a way to take out certain people. Whether targets are randomly chosen or not, is also still left up in the air, but I do think many on the planet are observed from Day One to see who they are and how they operate in the world. If a target shows signs of too much independence or high sensitivity, high creativity...anything that sets him or her apart from the masses, red flags go off for those watching. Once too many red flags go up (which is happening more often because of the Internet and how easy it is for people to simply look up key words that are considered red flags), then these game players move in to action. They know targets' weaknesses, they accentuate their possible "loneliness," income, and anything that can be used to stimulate and further upset a target. The aggressors want a major event to occur, it brings them money, possible rank within their system and "feeds the beast."

Those are my thoughts on this rule book business. This is based on my own readings and experience. The more someone reacts, the more they are justified in upping their provocations.

Peace, Love, Focus on The Positive as Much as You Can and Keep Living.