Rich Soil for the Brain and Soul

Getting majorly conspiratorial on you is not my goal, but your insides become whatever it is you feed it. If you feed your insides poisonous things, mentally or physically, the body declines and the medical industry is counting on it, praise be to God, I swear the industry feeds off this.

I don't intend to be patronizing and I didn't grow up with much religion, but the subliminal, subversive and even outright negativity pedaled through advertisements (and their wording), music (hey, I love music that get's me moving, too!), food, music in the CVS, words on t-shirts, many sitcoms on tv, many movies, video games and so much more is designed to bring us down. For targets, an awakening emphasizes all the effort by the 'dark side' that is put into finding a way, even if very slowly, to get people into the medical industry.

Doing your absolute best to avoid feeding your mind and soul the negative stuff (especially when a target) is key to survival.

I'm going to give an example of something I saw today. I walked past a building with a sign on the exit door about not smoking. It was a big sign and it said "Smoking Prohibited! Do Not Smoke Within 50 Feet of this Entrance. FOR HELP CALL XXXXX!!!" I'm not a smoker, but I got on the defensive for smokers because of the sign. 'for help call....?" Ouch!! As if they had a serious mental problem.

Here's the thing. It's better not to smoke, but the elites found a way to get smokers so mad about people telling them not to smoke, that they will continue to smoke in spite of the signs. The elites win again. They know how most of us think. The elites don't smoke. They make money off smokers. Let me repeat that. The elites don't smoke. They make money of smokers. They know if they piss off smokers with such condescending sign, smokers will do one of two things: they will continue to smoke as a sort of "F U" to those saying don't smoke. Or, 2, they will internalize the message and will ultimately feel like a failure for being unable to smoke. (almost both things happen, it's that twisted. Both situations probably happen on a subconscious level).

If the smoker found a way to attempt not smoking. If he or she got past the assholeness of the sign, then he or she would be doing what's best for him or her from a health standpoint. And, the smoker weaning off of smoking would be the winner.

The sign should say "The most elite of the elites make a ton of money off of manipulating you into continuing the habit they sucked you into. You're not really to blame. Please try to stop smoking so as not to fund them anymore. Not funding them is the goal."

I think you see my point. Through a sign like the one in this example, peoples' mentalities are being messed with, big time!!! And that's just one sign in a day filled with messages, endless messages. When you factor in social media, the amount of messaging messing with our brains, influencing us this way and that, our brains become convoluted, polluted and prime material for the medical industry in due time. And, if you commute via the subway or regional rail in your area (I live in a city), take note of the signs, but don't harp on them. Every two feet there is a phone or sign regarding suicide. I don't even like to type that word because while it is good to assist anyone considering it, it does become a seed. In public transit, EVERY SIGN IS NEGATIVE and it FEEDS THE BRAINS of EVERYONE riding it. I ride it at times to keep in touch and to be aware of what's going on. I don't have a car, used to ride a bike but was actually hit several times between primaries and election 2016. (and in 2012). about a message. But anyway, all signs on public transit are designed to poison peoples' minds. For those who must ride it, focusing on anything else is better.

My personal goal is to feed my brain and soul as many good things as I can. Music designed to get us in touch with our higher selves (free on youtube if you have computer access), good food that brings the body into balance (not too expensive when you get used to eating this way), taking time away from the computer ..controlling my time by exercising, reading or pursuing anything that feels uplifting.