Protective Measures

So many sites related to orchestrated harassment don't offer many solutions explaining how to protect oneself from this onslaught of activity. Here are a few that worked for me:

*Yoga-it focuses your attention away from what's going on outside you. For the duration of a class, the external stimuli is gone, for the most part. Participants in this 'game' will show up. Sometimes an instructor will reveal that he or she is part of this game, too. But, 90 percent of the time that you practice  yoga, everyone in the class will be focused on doing the poses and getting through the practice. It's worth going (usually there are cheap and even free options in larger cities. Not sure of other communities, but because yoga is considered 'collective' in a sense, many communities will offer donation-based options somewhere)  It's well worth it. You will become stronger in mind and body. You'll automatically begin to eat better because it is a cause and effect kind of thing. Yoga does that. You don't even have to really do anything in regards to trying really hard to eat well. It is simply a side effect of practicing. Your body takes on its own 'intelligence' and will crave better food--no effort needed.

*Reading up on harassment tactics, spiritual topics, satanic practices, and cults. I knew nothing about any of these topics prior to this experience. After January of 2011, I found myself in a crash course of figuring out how in the world this whole thing started. This led me to topics of Psychic Protection==Practicing healthy rituals that teach you discipline and focus. Such discipline and focus can 'tell the universe' that you are committed to a healthy way of living. Somehow this helps. It's complicated to get into the spiritual aspects of it, but pursuing ways to build discipline and focus creates a much-needed boundary between 'vulnerable' people and predators at large. Most targets were viewed as vulnerable for some reason. Even if you don't think you are vulnerable, some kind of predatory group decided you were. There's nothing a target can do to change that fact, but by changing attitude through disciplinary practice will somehow ward them off. I grew up with no real religious foundation or spiritual awareness. I did find myself on a journey, just prior to 2011, during which time I was educating myself on relationships between predators and prey. I knew I was of the prey 'type.' I'd grown to recognize that at some point and wanted to change it. Well, I was forced to change it because of 2011. You can see how interesting it is that someone like me became a target after educating myself about predator/prey dynamics. This experience can send targets down a rabbit hole, big time. Why people become targets of this activity is, I'm sure, much deeper than I can touch on, but it does seem to be a personal awakening type thing. It gets complicated. One can only go down the rabbit hole so much before he or she needs to slow down and protect oneself.

*Documenting your experience--It took a long time to figure out that documentation is a form of protection. It is a way to record what you know is true so that should someone try to claim otherwise, you can return to your journal or notes and know that someone else is trying to confuse you. So easily people forget what happens from day to day. We are a nation (in America) of people with severe amnesia. We forget when Sandy Hook took place. It all happened so fast and was so awful, but how many of us can recall what month and year it happened? There are some out there who make it their job to document all of that. Why? Because they realized the level of trickery going on in plain sight and they want to make sure they can recognize when they're being fooled and when they're not. There are some large events that are, in fact, carried out to fool the public while a handful of tight-lipped people make a lot of money through gofundme pages after pulling the heart strings of those who are so saddened that something so awful happened. By documenting what you witness in your personal experience, you commit your experiences to memory and you might begin to see a pattern of how they operate in your case, and you will better be able to explain to others what's happening without sounding totally confused and disoriented. Just as I did in the previous blog post. I was able to remember very specific examples of what they did. They were some of the easier examples. Most targets are bombarded with constant harassment tactics. There's no way to remember everything. It's designed to put you in a state of chaos. If you can pull out a few examples that are easy for others to understand, you become more credible to a very skeptical public. This is one experience that a lot of people will find hard to believe actually goes on. It's frustrating. But documentation will do all that I mentioned in the other forms of protection. It builds confidence in yourself. It is a form of discipline and it is a way to focus on something positive. The positive side is that you are exposing them. This leads the last point.

Expose them!--After listening to a lot of people on youtube or through other sites who are attempting to expose some of the more unsavory actions of such groups, I began to realize that part of protecting oneself, and even others, from this hugely criminal activity is to EXPOSE them in any way possible. This book and blog is the one way I could expose them. Personally, creating a youtube channel through which to expose them seems too risky for me. At least for now. Being able to write a book describing my experience (and calling it fiction to protect myself) is still a form of exposure. Readers pick up on truth, sometimes more so through fictionalized material. We see truth in good movies that are movies, not documentaries necessarily. The book was a way to avoid being 'preachy,' with hopes of reaching people out there who might not even know what's going on but who can recognize red flags in case they, themselves, brush up against perpetrators of this activity. The book is also intended for targets as a form of validation and escape. To see what another target experienced is helpful because it could mirror what someone else went through. It can be a relief when no one else is around to truly validate what you're going through. I have no idea who, within my vicinity, is a target besides me. I'm sure someone else in my city is a target, but it seems the participants are able to keep targets separated so that they don't really find each other. Not sure, but I haven't found anyone in this city who seems like one. I want to add that after about six years, I finally purchased a 'body cam' to attack to my backpack (in front on the shoulder strap) so that I could have visual proof of some of the tactics experienced. The activity has decreased since then. They won't do as many blatant things. I resisted the cam idea for a long time because I'm not a proponent of more people doing surveillance. It goes against my personal values. But my experience has been so bad, I surrendered to the body cam idea for a temporary time period to see what would happen. It seems to work somewhat. And, I actually have some visual documentation that I downloaded to a DVD. (I make sure this visual evidence never winds up on a computer social site or anything like that. I download it on an old laptop directly to a DVD off an SD card, which is used in the cam device. This was a huge learning curve for me because I don't know much about filming and cameras at all) In no way do I want anyone to feel exploited. Take great measures to make sure that whenever I use a cam I get it onto a DVD and keep in a secure place. No WiFi used at all on the cam or the old laptop that I possess for downloading)  Some people have posted youtube videos of their experience. The problem is, the bullying tactics used are so contextual and personal to each target that most visual documentation is useless to an outside person who doesn't know all the innuendo involved.

Good Music--Any music that uplifts you is worth listening too. However, I do believe that some of this music with specific frequencies (easily found on youtube or, probably, iTunes) aids in repairing our DNA, our brains, everything. Look up healing frequency music and numbers will come up like 528 or 432 hz.  It is scientifically proven that these frequencies are healing and help us transcend situations. Today's music, the fun kind you hear on the radio, actually isn't on these frequencies. Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the powers-that-be want to keep people 'down' and do so through music transmitting frequencies that, technically, shake up our blood cells and DNA. From a mental standpoint, if listening to SIA or Adele makes you feel better, I think it's ok to do that if you get into a better mood. But checking out this other music could also be helpful.

That's it for now. Documenting is key. They fear it, I think. It strengthens you, for sure.

Peace, love, good vibes and targets will survive!!