Ping Pong and Toastmasters

Ping Pong--now there's two words most people never thought would become famous in a negative way. With the pizza conspiracy theories and the Comet Pizza Joint surfacing as a place of horrors with a hidden kill room underneath, people aren't sure what to believe. I don't know the absolute truth either, but...

Months after the high-level scare tactic taking place in my apartment in January of 2011, I found myself running around with extreme high anxiety believing I needed to find groups of people or networks, and fast! Safety in numbers was the idea, not to mention the notion that I'd be homeless or dead without having a supportive group that would facilitate finding better work, a stronger social life, etc. In that madness, I signed up for everything under the sun!! From bike spinning classes at the gym, to yoga, to....Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a worldwide group touted as a speechmaking club that helps participants develop confidence and poise while speaking in front of a group.  During the time period that I participated in that group, I was earning money the way I still earn it--by dog walking and cat sitting. Before showing up to a regularly scheduled Thursday night meeting, I visited a cat belonging to a client of mine who went away on vacation. On the floor of this client's condo was four or five Ping Pong balls the cat could play with. I didn't think much of it, but it was the first time I'd seen Ping Pong balls at his condo, or at any client's condo for that matter. It wasn't much to think about until I showed up to the Toastmasters meeting where, by "coincidence," one of the people speaking in front of the group began talking about Ping Pong balls for quite a while. Enough for it to stick out in my mind as a major coincidence, and one not likely to happen very often. It was creepy more than interesting.

Over time, certain words, details and innuendos were revealed to me on this path, which include the fact that some places of business or clubs and other groups use names and titles that indicate exactly what they are. Toastmasters. It can seem like people become masters of making 'toasts' in front of groups....or it's about toasting them, if you will. Like when people say, "You're toast!"  It seems there are large groups of very sadistic folks who run things like this and they want to 'toast' others.

It's a pretty sick way of doing things and I wish I didn't have to see the world this way, but it has become more obvious overtime that juvenile-minded people actually go to the length of using secret words, and some not so secret, as a way to communicate what they do and who they are.

Needless to say, Ping Pong has become synonymous with the Comet Pizza fiasco. The pizzagate business didn't really become public until well after 2011, not until 2016. People knew about Ping Pong --and it's affiliation with inappropriate behavior--years ago. How long ago, I don't know, but there it was in 2011 being bantered around between a client's condo and Toastmasters. I no longer participate in Toastmasters. It was an activity to keep me preoccupied while trying to get through this entire experience. This experience intended to terrorize, intimidate, silence, oppress, frustrate and so much more.

If you begin experience bizarre activity, keep your peace!!! My theory is that they (whoever they are) are trying to provoke people into doing criminal things they normally wouldn't do. They also want your thoughts to be negative. If one worries about being framed, penniless, dead, etc, the possible manifestation of such conditions are slightly more apt to occur. I think they use the philosophy that what you envision become reality. Not sure it's totally true, but they're using it. Keep working on thinking of good things that will come to you, legally, and not bad things.