Mocking, One of their Favorites, and More

Mocking. It appears to be one of their favorite tactics because it accentuates our idiosyncrasies. While some of our quirks and personal habits are endearing, in some cases they could be our insecurities. They love drawing attention to your insecurities.

There's been an endless supply of people crossing my path intentionally accentuating my habits, gestures, clothing, etc. Here's a few.

1. Only one pair of jeans was left to wear after a time period of wearing down a pair I'd worn riding my bike so much. There was a day I was left settling for an old pair of jeans that had a bit of a flair at the pant leg bottoms. It would be a couple days before I could get out to buy another pair. During that time, when I settled for wearing the old pair of jeans with the bell-type bottoms, several people passed me by with the same jeans. No one was wearing these kinds of jeans for a couple years, really. That's how old they were. But, magically, these people appeared on my path and would actually 'sashay' in front of me with the same style of jeans. It was weird. For some reason, that didn't bother so much. At that point, I'd grown used to this activity and I wasn't that insecure about my jeans to care that much. But, it was weird to witness this actually happening. Talk about "crazy making" industries. It is as if there are people invested in attempting to freak out others.

2. This is strange one. Several  years prior to this orchestrated harassment business coming into my life, I was enamored with a woman who showed up at a bookstore I worked for. She was fascinating to me because of her confidence and unusual style. We interacted at the cash register, and she needed to special order books. As a result, I wound up getting a contact phone number and her name. Out of curiosity, I did what a lot people do, I looked her up online to see if she had a Facebook or Myspace. She had a Myspace page and I was nervous about connecting with her, but noticed a picture on her site that showed her sitting down with friend who had really long hair pulled back into a pig braid. A special twisty kind of braid, not like the typical braid. It's not often people tie their hair in that fashion. Usually,  ponytails or the everyday braid. This was a special braid. Well, during a high point of this experience, I thought of that girl and her braid and talked about it somewhere. I don't recall how the topic came up or how I thought of this women with this unusual braid. THE NEXT DAY, I went to one of the usual donation-based (or free) yoga classes that are often held during the spring and summer here in the city outdoors. When I showed up (and I went all the time to this class) a woman was there, in the front row, who resembled almost to a T the woman with the braid from the picture. She had the same pig braid, the same length of hair, the same color of hair, the same body type and height. This is a perfect example of whatever it is they can do. (It just happened yesterday, in fact. I was watching a video of a man who is a guru of yoga who lives in Bali. He is very lean, very tall, long hair and a very specific build and style) THE NEXT DAY, a man was walking in front of me after I exited my apartment who could have been the yoga guru's twin from the back. Because I know they do this on a regular basis, I was certain from the front he would look different and, sure enough, there was a difference in terms of facial hair and 'essence' from the front. But from the back they could've been twins, totally--walk, stance, everything)  In some regards, it's pretty amazing to see how close "they" can come in finding a sort of dopple ganger.  How they do it, why they do it, I don't know. But there you go. They do it.

3. When I did decide to return to school in hopes of escaping the activity while I encountered new forms of mocking. I guess it was mocking. At the time, I was walking a dog named ACE (as a dog walker). In one of my writing classes, a student consistently used her initials on the bottom of each page of her manuscripts, which all students in the class were given copies of in order to 'workshop' them and give feedback after reading them. Her initials were... ACE. Also, the school I went to was in New York City. Because I commuted there from Philadelphia, I often rode the subway lines from the bus station and one of the core subway systems is called...ACE. The dog I walked was a new dog a client obtained just before I returned to school.

4. Also, while at school, a fellow student wrote into one of his stories a female character. He described her as always blowing her bangs (bangs of hair) away from her face. During that time, I was consistently riding my bike all over the city for dog walks, to get to the bus station for school, etc. My bangs began to grow long enough that I was constantly blowing my bangs away from my face. In many cases like this, you could call 'coincidence' but because of all that was going on, a target knows they're doing it on purpose to freak you out and they know there's nothing you can really do but 'take it.'

This leads to one of their other favorite things to do--call targets a schizophrenic. This 'diagnosis' probably invokes more fear in a person than most 'conditions.' They actually do create situations that resemble what the world might look like to a schizophrenic. Their hope in creating this artificial environment is to mind 'eff' a target so much he or she will be convinced that there is something wrong with his or her brain. If nothing else, the target's brain is scrambled because of the pressure and onslaught of activity they incorporate into a target's life. Here's the deal:

Elevated dopamine levels, resulting from overstimulation and fear, make a sane person appear crazy.

If you take anything away from this post, take this fact and hold onto it dearly. It is a target's savior. Thank God for modern science for providing this fact.

Target's are typically scared out of their wits, which allows all the bullsh*t they do to sink into the bottom of their cerebral cortexes or wherever this activity harms the brain the most. Usual symptoms of schizophrenia will occur because of elevated dopamine. From a spiritual point of view, someone's soul is quite literally split open and all the negative stuff they try to shove into your soul and brain gains entry, big time. Don't buy the negative stuff!!!!!!!  They know how this works and they know it usually works in their favor, not yours. Turn that around with this info. Fight the negative stuff. Target's are often quite normal, nothing overly unusual. Like most people, a target might have suffered some depression or maybe something else like dyslexia or similar. Nothing major. But schizophrenia has a fear factor associated with it for most people. And they know that and, should you seek answers from anyone involved, they will keep saying "I hope you feel better. I hope you get the mental health you need. Sounds like you're suffering from schizophrenia...etc"   Nothing could be worse to say to someone who, because of external people (who are arseholes) are being bombarded with stimuli and activity that blows the mind.  Stand firm and be confident in the fact that, more often than not, a target is not actually schizophrenic. Schizophrenics struggle maintaining and line of reason. They often cannot hold a basic conversation while remaining on point for longer than 15 seconds or so. It's very obvious if you're talking to someone with schizophrenia.

I do have a theory that some people who wound up being actually schizophrenic could have been hit by something similar, or their consciousness about society was increased exponentially at a too-rapid pace. Anything occurring too quickly will severely disrupt a persons equilibrium. This is my opinion. I believe schizophrenics are, in fact, in tune with a higher frequency but, for some reason, adjusting to it was a challenge. It could've been trauma that caused the rapid-paced consciousness raising. If that makes sense. Point being, the cruel people behind orchestrated harassment seem to be sadistic enough to enjoy invoking fear and causing premature consciousness raising. Finding a way to ground oneself through meditation, exercise, and good food helps with that. Also critical thinking and realizing, other people did this to you. You're fine. Elevated levels of dopamine caused by extreme external stimulation can cause a sane person to appear crazy ...temporarily.

One more point on this topic. Another crazy-making (sorry for the use of this word, please do not internalize) tactic they love to make use of is irritating that which annoys you the most. For instance, if you are super religious and not a fan of the gay community, they will throw anyone possibly resembling the stereotype of someone from the gay community on your path. Say you're a quiet person and you're easily annoyed by overly attention-seeking people. They will find a way to get such attention-seekers to be in your face. Whether through work, school, anything you engage in...even in the supermarket. They'll find a way. One of the worst experiences for anyone is having to deal with personalities that rub us the wrong way. Typically we can avoid those personalities, at least outside of our workplaces. But they'll find a way to have these people bump into on the street, in the supermarket, coffee shops, any activity you might attend, like a basketball game. Waiting in line for tickets. It's totally weird how much effort they put into 'turning the screws' in on you.

..And, they will incorporate words into their conversations like 'bummer,' 'bet,' 'poor,' 'homeless,' 'crazy,' etc. They will do this outside your window if you live on the first floor (I'm in an apartment on the first floor--not sure what they do in the suburbs in regular housing developments). Such words feed certain fears. Bummer meaning a bum (which is what I thought I was destined for because of this..homeless a bum, whatever) Bet is a word that's fed my insecurities because it does seem like they make bets on how you will move through this experience. What will you believe is happening...that kind of thing. They'll use these words anywhere they can and it's as if they're waiting to use it. Waiting for you to give them the opportunity to use it. I had an email conversation with an old professor and it was interesting in how the conversation unfolded. I'll say this, the last email he sent was simply. "I'll bet!" soon as it came through, that little gut feeling of "uggghhh!" came through. He was waiting to use those words. He couldn't wait and I could tell. By then I was used to those words being uttered or typed often. Another being "thanks a million." You get the picture. The idea being that someone is making millions off this weird BS.  It's annoying, but I'm not aware of what else to do about it and no one's talking or fessing up.