It's a Sport to Them/Playbook of Conversations

Another quick post just to say that this activity is like a sport to those participating. Somehow, in their minds, mind-effing someone who's been deemed a target is fun.

Hard to believe, but I'm pretty sure that's the case. Here in Philadelphia and in surrounding areas, we actually had a sport-related clothing and supply store called City Sports. I realized the perpetrators of this activity referred to orchestrated harassment and stalking as "City Sports!"   Many wore t-shirts to identify themselves and, on occasion, some would wear a t-shirt that became popular for seemingly other reasons, which said "Game On!" on the back.  While that shirt might appear to others to have been created for some regular sporting event, it is used for this harassment activity as a threat of sorts. I knew it would be a bad day if, when I left my apartment, someone would pass by my door with a shirt that said "Game On!"  The target knows the shirt is intended to be seen in such a light. If you're a target, you know their intention. They'll show their shirts blatantly.

So, yes, it seems this gangstalking business is a sport for these people. They must make money somehow, maybe through bets made on how a target will react to certain situations. I'm not sure.

In relation to an earlier post about meeting they must have to discuss what they'll do, I decided some of these people learned how to do this very early in life. As if their families have been doing it for years. As such, they probably have a playbook of sorts. While a skit or some kind of tactic seems sophisticated to me, it might be a simple act of a couple of employees at a grocery store (which a target frequents) deciding that when the target comes in to shop, they'll use Play #35, which consists of switching the music to a depressing sad song and a couple of the cashier making reference to a relationship breakup. They would choose anything that could hurt the target the most. They in fact can place people in a target's path to pretend to be a trustworthy friend or lover, only for those seemingly trustworthy people to drop a target like a hot potato when least as to cause the most damage to the target.

I think you probably get the idea. Most who play this sport already have multiple schisms up their sleeves to pull out when needed should a target cross their path. In this sense, they don't necessarily have to go out of their way to find seek out or stalk the target, they just know they'll see the target around town eventually.

This theory and probably explanation came up this afternoon. I wanted to post it for any readers out there.