Is It a Job For Them?

A few posts back, I pondered the idea of gangstalker meetings. What would they look like and where would they be held? Just for speculation's sake, I imagined people in coffee shops or in living rooms of whomever was hosting the meeting that week. This might be true, but it also crossed my mind that orchestrated harassment could be an actual paid job. While many suggest some orchestrated harassers have normal jobs and carry out this activity on the side, it is possible some people might actually perform these acts as their main job.

If so...what would the job title be and how do you describe it on taxes?  Also, is it something some government agencies are heavily invested in? On, the writer suggests that, yes, these are tactics used by people within government agencies. I'm not sure if there are rogue people from some agencies doing it or what. What I do know is that the activity is incredibly immature. So immature, it easily drives a sane person mad. It takes a lot of control to not be overly frustrated and disgusted by it. It's pretty messed up.

For all I know, they meet on the subway. Maybe on the EL here in Philadelphia to discuss their next 'scene.'

..and just for last thoughts...what exactly happened to our population in order for people to be willing to do this stuff? When you are exposed to it, it totally blows  your mind. Everyday I sit here wondering how they can bring themselves to behave this way. (I don't even like using the word 'behave' because I'm not a day care worker or teacher...but these people might as well be a bunch of out-of-control kids who've been brainwashed)

Just food for thought.