If There is a Curtain...

In one of my chapters, Fake Painted Flowers, I write "I'm not saying there is a curtain, but if there is, I was on the other side of it." This is a statement about one of the most bizarre kinds of experiences to surface in all of  Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making. In relation to the idea of takedown programs, I'm somewhat of the belief that revealing such a curtain to those who've never been in-the-know could be detrimental because it can send you careening down the rabbit hole with no hope of escaping.

In the book, I reveal two instances during which time this behind-the-curtain view occurs. However, so far in this entire experience, there's been four times total when it occurred to me I was somehow watching others being manipulated by the puppet strings.

The first time this happened is described in Fake Painted Flowers within Duplicity and Duress. (that chapter also appears as an essay in The Strange Bouquet which is found on srcoleyon.com)  At the time, the initial scare that sent me on a wild goose chase put my mind into another realm altogether so that I was in the 'observer's seat.' In a way, I was cut out of the normal reality, sitting just outside of it, and watching others speak to each other as if I wasn't necessarily present. This was most amplified while eating dinner with a few family members, one of whom I begged to fly up from Florida to stay with me. That's how terrified I was. This dinner scene was similar to that dinner scene in Beetlejuice, the movie with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. In the movie, you see the characters being controlled by an outside force while dancing around to that song "Daylight Come and We Wanna Go Home."  While no one was actually dancing around the table, the conversation between my relatives felt separate from me as I watched. What they said seemed orchestrated and almost in slow motion. There ware several odd moments. One of which included a relative talking about having a special day to visit the motor vehicle office as if she and only she had that special day to go in and not be bothered by crowds of people. In a way, it's humorous because, big whoop, the motor vehicle. As if she was queen of the motor vehicle and had special privileges there. But it was odd. In fact, it didn't seem like my relative was being herself, not 100 percent. It was as if something was operating through her. The evening was so bizarre, in fact, I thought I was on some weird reality show or game show. Adding to this idea was the fact that there were many, many white vans surrounding my block. We had record snowfalls that winter and I think I chalked up the vehicles to being like utility vehicles. We also had a lot of digging going on up the street. I think Verizon was laying down underground wires or something like that at the time. Many, many, many vans and utility vehicles played into the idea of others watching as if we were on some 'show.' All the while, I was watching my relatives have a conversation with me as observer, trying to figure out what was going on.  At some point in the conversation, there was the implication that a bunch of people were sitting at a remote site and watching all that went down in my tiny box of an apartment.  (there was also a steady stream of people walking north past my door just before one of my relatives arrived. that doesn't happen normally. and they all looked at me as I stepped out of my door to look for one of my relatives who was due to arrive)

The second reference to this curtain business was while having lunch at another person's house who had relations with my family. The Beetlejuiceness wasn't as strong or obvious as the first incident, but I could see everything was orchestrated and the owner of the home where I was, was outright acting. It was VERY bizarre. The person I'm talking about seemed to be reveling in his 'moment,' if you will. Why I wound up at that lunch is due to many overwhelming reasons that left me feeling very pressured to attend. This is a person I'd been striving to avoid since becoming an adult.

I was not raised to be religious at all. Any kind of organized religion was lost on me. This experience forced me to seek answers and insights into what in the world was going on. The supernatural side of it left me wondering about spiritual warfare. At other times, I wondered about CIA programs, MK-Ultra mind control possibilities and the use of technology/artificial intelligence, to freak out those among us who are of real intelligence. (I no longer need to be modest, this thing changed me from being overly modest to one who knows her worth)

What was the cause behind these kinds of experiences is still beyond me. I think there is a mix of spiritual warfare that is coupled with technology that mocks reality. Some believe this pursuit of technology is a slap in the face of what is real and that this is very much a huge war involving two factions fighting against each other. Maybe so.