Finding Positivity in an Upside Down Situation

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kinds of thoughts we want to dominate our lives.” – Henry David Thoreau 


This quote was found on the website of someone I found inspiring. He's a vegan, yoga instructor and private chef, among other things. His site is one of the ones that make you feel good if you're someone who longs to feed the soul and to seek healing, greater happiness and peace. I would love for mine to be the same. I can only add inspiring sentiments to assist those afflicted by a new form of mobbing and bullying. It's a dark subject I speak of, but there is hope for those who are awakened to its occurrence. Most often, it is someone on the receiving end of the negative behavior that knows it is happening. Others aren't sure what to believe. The 'snap factories' I speak of involve very sophisticated psychology, influence and subversive messaging that can go undetected by those not targeted.

What the not-so-nice people know is that,  yes, that mental paths are created. The not-so-nice create and orchestrate situations, on purpose and with intent, around a target forcing that target to think over and over thoughts we'd prefer not to dominate our lives, because it is to our detriment. The not-so-nice thrive on that. They are counting on it because unhealthy mental paths wrought with negative thoughts, anger, frustration, constant irritation, helplessness (this is invoked a lot!--and one of the worst states to invoke), subjugation and other similar states, are key in creating someone who could lash out. Carve that path long enough and even the sweetest person could turn very bad. Innately, we all know this. A guy named Vince Lombardo decided to prove it with a book called the Lucifer Effect. (I don't recommend the book because Lombardo is making a lot of money off of something we innately know and in fact is directly connected to the Unabomber, but is not considered at least partly culpable for the Unabomber's ultimate actions....he is culpable).

For anyone affected by this activity, I urge you to seek out information related to good healthy practices. Vegetarian diets, exercise that will move energy through you and help you focus on anything but what the antagonists are doing. Carve your own mental path with all things positive, good and healing.

It is important to know just how far some people are willing to go to raise themselves up (because violent acts raise up the antagonizers...big-time) and to turn your back on them and their efforts. Know you are better. Continue supplying yourselves with living foods, music with healthy frequencies to heal the brain, visions of a better situation and anything that moves you away from their behavior and towards something better. Overtime, their efforts will diminish and, sadly, they'll move on to someone else. They can't be stopped, only you can protect yourselves. They'll keep doing it to whomever will react and increase in negativity the way they want. I've come to recognize this.

I don't typically condone considering oneself 'better than' another or superior to another. But in this case. It's ok. If you are hit by these types of people, and there's a huge network of them, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM!!! It's ok to keep telling yourself that. They picked you because they know you don't typically think this way and they exploit that.  Just don't reach a point of violence or psychopathy, which is what they want.

You are awesome. You are beautiful. You will survive by transcending them.  :o)