Extreme Trauma Strategy

Extreme trauma plays a role on both sides of this 'game.' For both the target and probably many participants, trauma is the common ground. I'll try to explain by tackling each side separately.

1. For the target, extreme trauma is often inflicted during the beginning stages of this cat and mouse situation. In my case, odd occurrences were taking place for a long time without my realizing the game had begun. It was a slow build up of fear, uncertainty, destabilizing tactics and a shaking of my foundation by the inconsistent actions of those around me whom I trusted. Once a climax was reached, the 'bomb' dropped, meaning, a major traumatic event took place in my apartment. That tipping point led to a never ending series of more chaotic and bizarre actions by those 'planted' around me. This build up, hit and continuation of trauma opens up a person's psyche and spiritual armor. Once those two things are cracked open, all hell breaks loose and a target, in a state of extreme fear, can be led around by the nose, if you will, and becomes compliant and/or brainwashed. The target is at the mercy of those around him or her and must submit one way or another to something. In my case, I sought out anything familiar (like writing groups), and also anything that would keep me busy or would seem to help (like exercise and yoga). Although these activities are healthy pastimes, in this case, they were forced upon me as opposed to me being excited to engage in those activities. There's an oppression going on. Also, as a target, even engaging in those activities creates greater exposure to those wishing to play the aggressors. And there are many, even in yoga. This was disappointing to find out. (Though I do advocate for engaging in these activities to maintain ones sanity, I just want to point out that under these circumstances, great oppression and subjugation is at work)


2. As far as participants, my observation is that only a few at the very top are doling out orders and, in fact, aren't even seen on the ground. They're behind the scenes encouraging others to do their dirty work for them and are, simply, soulless. However, most of the typical participants, based on my observation, may in fact be traumatized people themselves who ultimately become compliant because traumatized people are far easier to manipulate and con than are non-traumatized people. It's easier to sell traumatized people (typically from childhood) a bill of goods that aren't good at all. My guess is seemingly willing participants are promised something that fills a void that's been left from the participant's past. People traumatized early in life usually wind up with internalized or externalized anger. Rightfully so. Their child from within is still fighting and still needs the basics for survival. Whoever is heading up orchestrated harassment sells those needs to participants. I'm pretty sure of it. Otherwise, no one would participate! There's a level of hate and anger involved, and that level of hate and anger can only come from some seriously uncool childhood-type trauma. The wheelers and dealers of evil prey upon that like nobody's business. Oddly, evil people understand vulnerability and how to manipulate it better than anyone else. Why? I don't really know. It could be that natural predators possess an innate ability to see and know things when it comes to "hunting" that the rest of us don't. We don't focus on how to take advantage of other people based on their vulnerabilities. We wouldn't want to. We'd rather support them in healing.

When it comes down to it, there's a lot of trauma being utilized all around in this game. And only the most sadistic ones at the top are 'benefitting,'  A majority of regular participants, as well as the target(s), are being used and suffering the most. If it makes a target feel better, the regular, on-the-ground participants are being fooled far more than a target. Sadly, it is the participants who despise being seen as fools, but they are being played.

Targets, for the most part, try as best they can to lead normal lives without having to engage in the severe power dynamics at work.