Excerpt: DAY ONE--Street Names Passing--January 25, 2011

Day One Street Names Passing January 25, 2011  

THERE’S THIS DEEP penetrating ache that eclipses my heart every single day for countless hours at a time. It’s a dull, emanating pain that begins just under the left side of my chest and reaches out to the curves of my rounded shoulders. It is my heart crying out to mankind for the sake of humanity. “For God’s sake,” it moans. “Why won’t they say anything!” My shoulders slump, my eyes cast downward to the ground. “These people, these zombies. Why won’t they say anything!” My shoulders slump, my eyes cast downward to the ground. “These people, these zombies. They’re all brainwashed. They know what’s happening, but they won’t speak. Why won’t they speak?!” My head angles to the sky seeking an answer from above as if the gods high up over the clouds would communicate something, anything. “They just don’t care,” I report to them. “They just don’t care about Love… about Life…”

While this pain is like that of a lonely heart, it is mostly born of disappointment. Or, rather a shattered illusion that awakened me to what many have chosen to become. Followers without a voice. Spineless beings frightened into submission amidst a new breed of loyalists whom they follow— a cabal willing to carry out incredibly heinous, occult-like crimes against their fellow man, or woman. All for the sake of belonging. While only the rarest among them are true psychopaths, many of the rest have disgracefully fallen into a groupthink trance. Sleepwalking among us. Some of them are just compromised souls while others go on wishing they could be among the elite while digging themselves deeper into a pit of emptiness. All this for acceptance within a group considered to be, to them only of course, of the most almighty and powerful. Praise be to God! Cadres like this are neither of these things— almighty or powerful. Religious, I am not, but this I know as a normal human being with a healthy conscience who would never go out of her way to inflict excruciating pain upon another living creature. Such a junta and its followers are not almighty or powerful and the consequences of their actions, so help them God, will be disastrous in time if they don’t save themselves. Every action they take against another with mal intent is action taken against themselves. But they don’t seem to grasp that reality, and what a dangerous denial that is. But they will grasp it. With help from God above, they will, and it will be the result of a wrath of fury unlike any other we’ve seen in this lifetime on this planet. It’s coming and there is nowhere they can hide.