Do They Have Meetings?

After regaining ground and stability since being targeted more than six years ago by this orchestrated harassment stuff, I began wondering exactly how those involved pulled it off. There are many tactics, tools, skills and games being played, but at the core of it, there has to be a meeting. These people must be meeting somewhere to decide what tactics they are going to conduct, how they conduct them, where, why, etc. Particularly when it comes to basic skits.

For instance, a target might go to a coffee shop in an attempt to continue leading as normal a life as possible. The target sits down, maybe begins to read a book or do whatever he or she wants to do. Within minutes a few people will find a way to sit near the target. My guess is they hope to sit down at a table right next to a target, and they will commence a conversation that is eerily reminiscent of a conversation the target might have had with his or her friend or family member the day before. If a target talked about subscribing to a new magazine--say The New Yorker--the group that sits next to the target will being talking about how one of them just subscribed to The New Yorker. More than that, they will weave into their conversation many references to words and actions the target said or did within the 24 to 48 hours prior to sitting down at the coffee shop. They will project their voices loudly so that the target can hear them. In fact, their conversation will be oddly loud. Most people tend to lean over to talk to someone at a coffee shop to keep the volume level down or might act as if in a library. Typically, patrons having conversation at a coffee shop don't go out of their way to project their voices loudly. To go on with the example, say the target subscribed to the magazine, told her mom, then looked up "triple layer, peanut butter fudge pie with pink icing" online. Those participating as mind manipulative orchestrated harassers will actually use the exact same words as what the target entered into her search engine. I am using the peanut butter fudge pie with pink icing example because it is rare that such words will be put into a search engine. For a long time I tried to convince myself that many people talk about the same things....and those who refuse to accept that this activity occurs will try to convince targets of this. But, after a target experiencing this same thing  over and over again, she knows she's a target for some really bizarre stuff. I, myself, purposely entered vulgar words into my search engine to see what would happen. At the time, people would wear t-shirts with words on them that reflected what I would type online. For weeks, I would type things in desperation about orchestrated  to find answers, so theories would come up about "service to self" or 'service to others" and so on. I'd walk out my door and, immediately, someone would walk by with a t-shirt that might use the abbreviations of these phrases. "S.T.S."  or "S.T.O" The abbreviations appear online whenever one looks up these words. I entered the vulgar sentence and words as a test. Interestingly, I got a few chuckles the next day, but no one on out there on my usual route wore a shirt that had anything to do with what I typed. I experienced that as a victory, a test and a way to figure out how to get around these folks. (although I don't recommend looking up vulgar things or anything like that-I just did it as a test to see what would happen).  The harassers went on to use other tactics and somewhat gave up on the t-shirt words reflecting my personal business. They are destructible. They are limited. Realizing this is one step closer to dealing with the B.S. they put out there. That one victory is one I've held onto for a long time. :o)

But back to the point. Meetings. They must meet up to discuss what they are going to do. I like to imagine such a meeting because, let's face it, it's got to be some of the most juvenile and ridiculous meetings to occur. I picture people someone fighting over who gets to say what when carrying out a skit in front of a target, or who is going to where what the next time they pass by a target on the street. Or, just the brainstorming process must be absolutely ridiculous. Harassers throwing out ideas as to how to barrage a target with fear, humiliation, self-doubt and the list goes on. Someone eagerly raising his or her hand having come up with an idea on how to squeeze up behind a target in a store.

"I know! I know! When she goes to (insert coffee shop) next Wednesday like she always does, I'll sidle up right behind her and put my phone down on the counter as if I'm pushing her through the line while she's at the cashier!!!!!" 

This is a simple example of what they actually do. Most people feel weirded out when someone puts there stuff at the register while you are actually there finishing your transaction. They do it all the time....all the time. It's creepy. But you see how the conversation must go at a possible meeting.

I've been trying to figure out how they know where a target might go sometimes. I've tried to switch up my routine. It's not always easy to do if you have a job you go to everyday, and if you like coffee and maybe the coffee is the one normal thing you would like to enjoy each day. There have been times when I've gone to a store, unexpectedly, and someone will be there doing just what I said above. Sidling up at the cash register while I've been trying to finish a transaction and the harasser places his or her stuff almost right in front of me before I'm done. Even the cashier has been surprised at times. How that works, that a harasser could know where I'd be in advance, is beyond my comprehension right now. Other online entities have suggested there is a dispatch system somehow attached to a person's cell phone. Even if you turn off your GPS, or even the phone, they can still figure out where you're going and have enough 'feet" on the ground to send a quick message out to the harassment masses and someone might just show up to do something simple, like clog the aisle (sticking butt out big time so you can't get through even if you politely say "excuse me" six or seven times!).

So, anyway, they must meet for some discussion at some point. It's the only way they can completely organize some activity. Many might live in certain areas of a city where most people participate anyway, so they go undetected for the most part and maybe meet up in people's living rooms. But, can you just picture how a meeting like this would look and sound like? Most involved are technically adults......just saying. How weird is that?

For anyone attempting to seek justice about this activity, there is hope in the fact that conspiracy can be proven. The source of a conspiracy has to be found. Having a meeting so as to organize in order to target someone, thereby diminishing the quality of life for that target is, by definition, a conspiracy. Conspiracy charges are quite hefty. Not something to mess with for those wishing to avoid the law.

If nothing else, a target can have a good laugh about the idea of what goes on at meeting. It can be somewhat comical to think about.  :o)


Peace, Love, Good Vibes and Remember, if You are Targeted, You Are Not The Crazy One. THEY ARE!!!!!