Circular Psychology in Conversations

What in the world am I talking about?!  "Circular Psychology in Conversations"  -- it's a difficult concept to grasp and these are the only words I can conjure up to describe what I've witnessed when in conversation with people who seem to play this game.

First of all, why would I be holding a conversation with a seeming perpetrator of this game? For the most part, targets of this experience are surrounded by gangstalkers. In fact, targets are often friends of people who they thought were friends, only to find out (after being hit by a bizarre series of events) that many of the friends he or she thought she had were really perpetrators who came into the target's life so that they could play this game. The target has no idea. He or she thought he/she was making new friends, that's all. But back to the question. Even after being awakened to what is going on, a target is left with very few people to communicate with and might choose one or two people to remain friends with, even if they demonstrate gangstalker traits and characteristics. In my case, it almost seemed as though a few people were assigned as sponsors. My awakening, or hit, was VERY BAD!!!!!!! I desperately sought a few people who I knew prior to my awakening with hopes of getting answers. Interestingly, one person stood out as an assigned  sponsor. As if I were going through some 12-step program. Regardless, I needed someone to talk to--and family could only do so much because it's really difficult for anyone outside of this experience (who doesn't know about it) to understand what happens and what it is. It's too convoluted.

So, what is all this about circular psychology and conversational dynamics? Well, overtime I began to notice that when I sat down with this one person/sponsor he had a way of directing and steering the conversation at a very high level. Beyond the normal 'directing of conversation."  Many of us can direct conversation to some degree. Maybe we want the person we're with to stop talking about a specific topic and we steer them away from it through avoidance of some sort. But what they can do reaches far beyond that. It involves, I believe, a high level of Chess-like skill mixed with a high level of understanding of psychology, sophisticated good cop/bad cop interrogation skill (so sophisticated one doesn't feel interrogated), and a dependence on predictability based on what the conversation will be about. In the case of a target, the conversation is going to be the same all the time, for years...because the trick that is played upon us is so bad, most of us simply cannot get past it. Really, gangstalkers don't allow for us to get past it because they don't and won't stop their antics.

It almost seems like they can sit down for coffee with a target (I often get coffee with my so-called sponsor), the 'friend' will already have specific words or ideas in mind of what he wants me to say or contemplate. He generally waits for me to begin talking. Maybe he'll just say "So what's going on now."  Ninety percent of the time, I'm going to say something in relation to gangstalking...even if I come at it from an angle.  He may already know what the latest activity has been in my situation. For instance, the past few days I've seen quite a few people who resemble one of my aggressors, which is a good example of one of the tactics gangstalkers use--upwards of 20 or so dopplegangers of an aggressor will show up on a target's path. This happens to the point that it's ridiculous and weird. It's totally weird. The target, of course, is reminded of that aggressor constantly. My sponsor will find a way to get me to use the word doppleganger, or the name of the aggressor. At some point, I'm going to say "So who's sending out all these people who look just like [insert name of aggressor]?!"  My sponsor might say something supportive or condescending based on how he wishes the conversation to go. He might say something indirect about "old-school mafia"...or he might say something about how 'a lot of people look the same when you really take notice, nothing new there....' , which minimizes the experience. In a way, the sponsor is controlling the conversation. This is a lower-level example. They operate at a higher level (I don't like to admit this--what they do is low, but they do have knowledge beyond most citizens and use it). Basically, the sponsor, like winning chess player, knows he can ensure the conversation will go the he wants it and there's a circular element to it. I recognized it a couple years back and still don't know how to completely explain it other than what I've written here. I wish I could explain it better, but I remember realizing it when he was doing it and thinking "I see what he's doing, but I don't know how he does it."   Whether the target starts the conversation or if the sponsor does, the sponsor knows exactly which way to move his chess pieces around to get the result he's looking for and it's very high level.

Hopefully, this wasn't too confusion. I get frustrated when attempting to explain it. It's something you can see if you're eyes are open to it. Detailing it is another story. ..and I'm not trained in whatever it is they can do, I just know they do it.


Peace, Love, Keep Grounded, Listen to OM youtube videos if you can. Anything that brings your mind, body and spirit into balance. They are jabbing at these things with ice picks constantly to keep targets off-balance.