Bobby Fischer, Chess and Bizarre Harassment

Sometime between January of 2011 and the end of 2012, I stumbled across Bobby Fischer's story. He was an infamous chess player who was outsmarting the best of the best until, suddenly, he began experiencing really bizarre forms of harassment. Inexplicable forms that made him appear paranoid and even egotistical because he would complain of something external severely affecting his game.

From what I've seen about him, he could come across as super macho, full of himself, the whole nine yards. However, clips I've seen of him "complaining" about the bizarre activity seem sincere. He was more brilliant than most and, as a result, someone decided to mess up his mojo. His reign of being a supreme chess player ultimately came to an end with him seeking asylum in Iceland where he could just live without whatever mysterious activity was sent his way. Because he was so high level, I believe advanced technology was used to disrupt his concentration and game playing. It was more than his ego getting bent out of shape because he didn't win a match. He was clearly feeling and sensing something around him.

Being gangstalked is like that. Some argue it is an the ascension of a human being into "higher realms of consciousness." Maybe so, I don't know because I was never attempting to achieve that, yet I was hit by this. Some of my experience is mysterious, some of it is just all out, well, morons, walking around participating as stasi-like intimidators.

It's worth checking out his story. He, of course, was famous, had money and influence, and there were many who wanted to help him--some of whom probably knew what was going on. These days, the average person can't 'just up and seek asylum in Iceland. They way things are reported, there are probably people in Iceland carrying out the same harassment anyway.