A Good Resource and a Few Tidbits

When selected people are either hit by a series of traumatic events that wake them up about being a 'target,' or if selected people simply begin to slowly realize others within their surroundings are behaving strangely, they experience the challenge of trying to figure out what is really going on. They might begin to wonder if there is something wrong with them, if there is some kind of joke going on,  or what. Over time, most selected people realize that, no, their not the 'crazy' ones, that there really is some weird stuff going on around them. Then they begin to wonder why and where these other folks are coming from.

One of the best sources to help me find some kind of frame of reference about what these orchestrated and organized 'people' do is a site called Fight "Gang Stalking."  It's address is: https://fightgangstalking.com/

The person who maintains that site clearly has knowledge many selected 'targets' do not have. (If we did have that knowledge, we probably wouldn't have been targeted, is my guess) He understands Nazi/Stasi tactics that were utilized way back during WWII. He then goes on to explain how those tactics are used in today's modern society. He explains the mentality of those behind it, why they may participate and what to do as a target to get them to back off. Basically, the best answer to the latter is documentation and doing anything (even if it seems small) to expose them. They don't like being exposed. What they do is under the radar, it is mostly undetectable to those not-in-the-know. They don't want too many outsiders beginning to scrutinize them and they don't want someone pushing back with evidence and knowledge. Once you expose them, they shrink back into their 'holes' and probably seek out another person to mess with, sadly. Knowledge really is power. In this situation it is of upmost importance. I don't want to be a fear mongerer, but this specific situation really is about your life, your sanity and your soul. Within legal limits, do what you can to keep all of those things in-tact.  So, yes, the 'Fight Gangstalking' site is a very good source for anyone without knowledge about how the military works, black ops, psy-ops, the CIA (or any alphabet agency), Cointelpro, Mk-Ultra and the like. Be in-the-know.

Some tidbits:

*A selected 'target' or person will, more than likely, always have a difficult time wrapping his/her brain around the idea that so many people would be willing to participate in such an activity. I still contemplate it and, based on what I've experienced and witnessed, it makes me sad, disappointed and, at times, angry. Mostly sadness and disappointment are my feelings these days. Here are some things to consider. We have approximately 7 billion people on this planet. Some countries (and there are news articles about this) have created entire 'fake' communities out of a desire to emulate Disney World, or to experiment with different kinds of living conditions. If any country can do this, they can certainly 'hire out' or request members of any tight-knit group (unions, cults, extreme religious groups, et) to participate in some kind of 'game.'  Some participants may not even realize what they are contributing to. For instance, I got the feeling that some men and women from fraternities and sororities on a nearby campus were asked, during hazing, to wear certain t-shirts (with a specific message or image) while running through the city during a certain time and in a certain location in the city. What those 'brothers' and 'sisters' may not have known is that they were scheduled and orchestrated to run by me (a target) while I walked a dog in that specific area at a certain time. (my schedule basically remains the same. easy to orchestrate around). The t-shirt was one of thousands (no exaggeration) of subversive or blatant indicators that someone knew what I said in private. Who that person is/was, is unbeknownst to me. Some suggest a dispatch system where one person listens in or knows a target's business via hacking or bugging. I'm not sure. But the possible dispatcher will send out people through all kinds of means. The dispatcher could contact a fraternity exercising hazing during the spring semester. The head of the fraternity is asked to buy such t-shirts and have his hazers run around the city. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Most people are following a chain of command and may not even realize they are part of something designed to drive someone 'crazy' or worse. Keeping this in mind is helpful.

*Some investigators out there suggest these groups, members of which may or may not know what they are doing, are building a wall around a selected target. This wall prevents the target from seeing the rest of the world. That there are really good people out there who simply wouldn't join any groups that requested they do anything odd or fishy. It's very difficult, especially after being traumatized, to see beyond that wall. They're good at building walls. Even consisting of people. But the wall can be climbed, I'm convinced. I'm still trying to climb up out of it and this blog and book is part of that process. Simply knowing the wall is destructible is important.  :o)

*Remaining focused on some kind of meditative practice will help a selected person or target gain control over his or her mind while the crazeballs (best word) run around trying to confuse and disorient targets with conflicting and chaotic information and messages. Focus allows you to grow a Central Locus of Control. This means, you become the 'boss' of yourself as opposed to the endless distractions out there directing you this way or that. Many people, targets or not, do not possess a Central Locus of Control. They are distracted by every video game, grammy award ceremony, celebrity breakdown, commercial, cat video (yes, I love these, too, but we must limit the watching time) and so on. Those things steal your time away from you. We realize that we need to take our time back and use it to grow ourselves, become aware, figure out what we really stand for, what we care about and what kind of presence we want to have in this world. Too much of the other stuff never allows us to self actualize.

*The spiritual and otherworldly. This tidbit gets complicated. I have witnessed some activity that is simply inexplicable to me. I wound up seeking peace through yoga and meditation. In that journey, I've listened to many people talk about ancient practices and how easy it was for many from years ago to maneuver energy and even control objects (and people) without much effort. Today, it seems likely to me that there are people who still possess these abilities. Whether they are part of some illuminati families or similar, I don't know. I'm pretty sure 'they' can do this. What is disturbing is that those who use these possible abilities as a means to target someone is an abuse of that privilege and knowledge. If they use it to scare, humiliate, confuse, make fun of, psychologically manipulate targets, they know they are wrong. Why such people are not concerned about karma (since karma fits this philosophy) is beyond me. Many within yoga communities or any community that focuses on bodywork and meditation are well aware of various realms existing from the earth and up and they are well aware of how to use 'mentalist' skills and how to manipulate. If they use them to torment or for a game, or for kicks, I guess they are basically 'evil.'  This from someone who did not grow up with a religious foundation. I'm learning as a very 'green' and naïve person about these subjects.


Ok. Just wanted to offer the other site as a good source for information, and to throw in a few tidbits based on what I've experienced.

Peace, love, kindness, strength and, yes, it's ok to cry from time to time to release the pressure and the sadness that many out there have gone to the 'dark' side for whatever reason. Not sure why. (aside from money)