The Hard Climb

Winding up on a list for gangstalking, or any takedown program resembling it, is considered among 'the hardest climbs' for anyone forced to endure it. The tactics, technologies and sheer numbers of people involved in the obstruction process in these types of attacks are so incredibly harmful to a person's sense of self, confidence, and ability to live, he or she barely has a chance of surviving it. It is designed to steer a person directly into extreme poverty, into mental states of desperation, or into lifestyles that will ultimately kill him or her. Rising above it comes at a cost, but it also comes with rewards--those rewards being admiration from those who know the severities of gangstalking, and the other reward being what some consider, The Crown....

The Mystery of the Magic Locks

One of the most effective tactics for cults or similar groups to lure people into their spider webs is via tactics designed to convince the unsuspecting target that he or she needs the member who is luring him or her in. The member is made out to be someone who always has the magic touch. Often, the member is also charming and seemingly super fun to be with. Who doesn't love that? Right?!

The problem in these kinds of cases is that the current "cult" member (or gang member, etc) is bent on one goal. To lure an innocent person into becoming part of a group that is far, far, far from innocent. Not just bad, really bad. One way the member does this, which I've been subjected to and observed being used on someone else, is the mystery of the magic lock example. Let me explain:

Web Washing....

For decades, government agencies have been known to interfere with some peoples' television programs, appliances and even computers in order to sadistically mess with specific people, or even certain demographics. (please see post about the movie called The Game w Michael Douglas and Sean Penn). In fact, it's been reported that as far back as the 1950s, fake news articles have been published to cause the entire population to believe things about 'news worthy' events that simply weren't and aren't true. How would most people know? Only until some of the more brave decided to leak this information did some find out.

A few instances I experienced indicate this happened during my orchestrated harassment. Some of it happened before and only in retrospect did I realize it. An example...

Bobby Fischer, Chess and Bizarre Harassment

Sometime between January of 2011 and the end of 2012, I stumbled across Bobby Fischer's story. He was an infamous chess player who was outsmarting the best of the best until, suddenly, he began experiencing really bizarre forms of harassment. Inexplicable forms that made him appear paranoid and even egotistical because he would complain of something external severely affecting his game.

From what I've seen about him, he could come across as super macho, full of himself, the whole nine yards. However, clips I've seen of him "complaining" about the bizarre activity seem sincere. He was more brilliant than most and, as a result, someone decided to mess up his mojo. His reign of being a supreme chess player ultimately came to an end...

They Use a Tootsie Pop Analogy

One of the more twisted analogies this cult-like group came up with during my assault is the Tootsie Pop analogy. In essence, those participating in relentlessly playing mind games with a target love the idea of getting to the 'center' of a person, at which point, the target is stripped of all his or her protective spirit. The Tootsie Pop is a perfect analogy with its jingle that sings "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"

There are many layers of meanings around all the words in that jingle. I'll go with the least disgusting one, which is that when bullies go after a seeming 'weaker person' (even though a target is not weaker), they are licking, or torturing them, constantly, by using both low- and high-level mental manipulation tactics. One of which is initially bringing up the idea of a Tootsie Pop,,,

Extreme Trauma Strategy

Extreme trauma plays a role on both sides of this 'game.' For both the target and probably many participants, trauma is the common ground. I'll try to explain by tackling each side separately.

1. For the target, extreme trauma is often inflicted during the beginning stages of this cat and mouse situation. In my case, odd occurrences were taking place for a long time without my realizing the game had begun. It was a slow build up of fear, uncertainty, destabilizing tactics and a shaking of my foundation by the inconsistent actions of those around me whom I trusted. Once a climax was reached, the 'bomb' dropped, meaning...

The Game (1997) w/Sean Penn and TV Brainwashing

Dots were connected today regarding TV programs, schizophrenia, brainwashing and how groups with sophisticated technology can create brainwashing programs on TV networks, like the Dish Network, that are personalized for a target to make him or her (who would be in a state of great fear already) believe the program, and actors in it, are directly speaking to the target. At the very least, the programming could be too coincidental to a target's life. Let me explain further:

For starters, consider the movie The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. There are many tactics revealed in that movie that actually occurred in my experience. The movie lightens the mood a bit by having a seeming happy ending and by using a plot line that suggests the 'target' in the movie actually signed up for a life-changing experience. In real life, the target never signed...

Ping Pong and Toastmasters

Ping Pong--now there's two words most people never thought would become famous in a negative way. With the pizza conspiracy theories and the Comet Pizza Joint surfacing as a place of horrors with a hidden kill room underneath, people aren't sure what to believe. I don't know the absolute truth either, but...

Months after the high-level scare tactic taking place in my apartment in January of 2011, I found myself running around with...

Rich Soil for the Brain and Soul

Getting majorly conspiratorial on you is not my goal, but your insides become whatever it is you feed it. If you feed your insides poisonous things, mentally or physically, the body declines and the medical industry is counting on it, praise be to God, I swear the industry feeds off this.

I don't intend to be patronizing and I didn't grow up with much religion, but the subliminal, subversive and even outright negativity pedaled through advertisements (and their wording), music (hey, I love music that get's me moving, too!), food, music in the CVS, words on t-shirts, many sitcoms on tv, many movies, video games and so much more is designed...

Circular Psychology in Conversations

What in the world am I talking about?!  "Circular Psychology in Conversations"  -- it's a difficult concept to grasp and these are the only words I can conjure up to describe what I've witnessed when in conversation with people who seem to play this game.

First of all, why would I be holding a conversation with a seeming perpetrator of this game? For the most part, targets of this experience are surrounded by gangstalkers. In fact, targets are often friends of people who they thought were friends, only to find out (after being hit by a bizarre series of events) that many of the friends he or she thought she had were really perpetrators who came into the target's life so that they could play this game. The target has no idea. He or she thought...

The Spider Web

Somewhere around year three of this experience I was awakened to the fact that in our society there are different factions of people or families, gangs, what have you. There are "spiders"--who are more like the Brits and there are the "Owls" who are more like the Bush family. (there are other groups, but these seem to be the main two). The Spiders originate from across the pond and have a lot of Royal control over here in North America. The Owls are, of course, the Bush family rulers.

It seems the spiders are quite adept at creating the web around targets. They know how to...

Is It a Job For Them?

A few posts back, I pondered the idea of gangstalker meetings. What would they look like and where would they be held? Just for speculation's sake, I imagined people in coffee shops or in living rooms of whomever was hosting the meeting that week. This might be true, but it also crossed my mind that orchestrated harassment could be an actual paid job. While many suggest some orchestrated harassers have normal jobs and carry out this activity on the side, it is possible some people might actually perform these acts as their main job.

If so...what would the job title be and how do you describe it on taxes?  Also, is it something...

Rules They Follow

While it might seem hard to believe, the players of this sadistic game actually follow rules. I say 'hard to believe' because their actions intend to seriously harm their targets...and even arm their targets, if you catch my drift. For some reason, though, they must abide by some kind of rule book that involves no-touch torture. If they touch you physically, they are deemed guilty of that which they are trying to do--seriously harm.

Why that is, I don't know. The game itself implies a lack of respect for basic rules that most of us abide by--like kindness, understanding, empathy, respect for others, and so on. Most of us don't go around relentlessly trying to provoke others into anger, rage or despair. Most of us want to at least earn a living and, if we're lucky, pursue careers, goals and dreams that inspire us. They, on the hand, are after...

It's a Sport to Them/Playbook of Conversations

Another quick post just to say that this activity is like a sport to those participating. Somehow, in their minds, mind-effing someone who's been deemed a target is fun.

Hard to believe, but I'm pretty sure that's the case. Here in Philadelphia and in surrounding areas, we actually had a sport-related clothing and supply store called City Sports. I realized the perpetrators of this activity referred to orchestrated harassment and stalking as "City Sports!"   Many wore t-shirts to identify themselves and, on occasion, some would wear...

What Happened Today-this Holiday Weekend Easter/Passover

For the most part, it seems the high level of torment I've been receiving since the fourth week of January 2011 has lessened. Tactics still occur on a daily basis, but at a lowered intensity and, because I'm so used to it now, it has less impact on me. In a way, overtime, targets become desensitized to the activity out of pure survival. An example I used in a previous post, about people sidling up at the cashier when a target pays for her food, actually happened just yesterday when I ran over to a Walgreens to get a much needed jug of water.

Today, it is Easter Sunday and is one day away from the end of Passover. I am a dog walker and pet sitter, in addition to writing, and returned home this morning after spending the night at a client's house while he was away. He needed a sitter for his small dog. I returned home and have had a pretty quiet day. However, I had one more walk today at dinner time. After picking up that dog, I walked one of my  usual routes and passed by a glass door that is the back entrance to a parking garage...

Do They Have Meetings?

After regaining ground and stability since being targeted more than six years ago by this orchestrated harassment stuff, I began wondering exactly how those involved pulled it off. There are many tactics, tools, skills and games being played, but at the core of it, there has to be a meeting. These people must be meeting somewhere to decide what tactics they are going to conduct, how they conduct them, where, why, etc. Particularly when it comes to basic skits.

For instance, a target might go to a coffee shop in an attempt to continue leading as normal a life as possible. The target sits down, maybe begins to read a book or do whatever he or she wants to do. Within minutes...

Trained Since Birth

A quick post to let people know that those who participate in orchestrated harassment and organized stalking are, more often than not, trained since birth. Many grow up within families that have been practicing activity that the rest of us know nothing about, unless awakened and/or targeted. To them, carrying out these acts of intimidation, fake skits, what have you, is very easy. They know the ins and outs of what they are asked to do, they understand the dynamics, they have more advanced technology (in some cases) and rely on a very large network of family and co-conspirators to accomplish what they do.

In fact, I later learned during my experience that one of the people who I'd befriended prior to 2011 (who played a part in this major trick against me) had actually attended...

Game Mentalities, Psych-Outs and No Limits

After reading about yet another teenager who took his or her life because of relentless bullying at school, I wanted to address something orchestrated harassers love to do--Psyching out their targets.  Exactly what goes on at the high level, I can't say, but based on what I've experienced and continue to read, even younger people are engaging in this deadly sport.

It seems to those involved as attackers or bullies--however you want to look at it--everything in life is a game to them. And a serious one at that...

The Stickers and The Zipper

Most city corners are riddled with them. Graffiti-like stickers pressed onto street signs, lampposts, traffic poles and newsstands. It's become the norm to see them. When it began, I can't remember because paying attention to them wasn't high on my priority list...until 2011. After that, I realized the stickers can and are used to intimidate anyone who's been targeted for this kind of experience.

How so? Well, let me tell you...

Mocking, One of their Favorites, and More

Mocking. It appears to be one of their favorite tactics because it accentuates our idiosyncrasies. While some of our quirks and personal habits are endearing, in some cases they could be our insecurities. They love drawing attention to your insecurities.

There's been an endless supply of people crossing my path intentionally accentuating my habits, gestures, clothing, etc. Here's a few...

Sun Tzu, Bates and the 5 Essentials of Victory

Within Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making is a chapter called Bates & the 5 Essentials of Victory. It's about an unusual person I encountered in my life journey, which has involved dog walking as an occupation. Here's a quote from the beginning of the chapter, as well as an excerpt from the chapter, which is also an excerpt from the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu.


“Trouble your adversary’s governments, sow dissension among his leaders by inciting jealousy and distrust, provoke undiscipline, furnish causes for discontent…Division unto death is our goal, which we will try to attain by discrediting and throwing suspicion on the Sovereign’s generals until the gossip reaches his inner sanctum.”
 -from The Art of War by Sun Tzu

[Excerpt from Duplicity and Duress, and The Art of War by Sun Tzu]

Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:   ...

A Good Resource and a Few Tidbits

When selected people are either hit by a series of traumatic events that wake them up about being a 'target,' or if selected people simply begin to slowly realize others within their surroundings are behaving strangely, they experience the challenge of trying to figure out what is really going on. They might begin to wonder if there is something wrong with them, if there is some kind of joke going on,  or what. Over time, most selected people realize that, no, their not the 'crazy' ones, that there really is some weird stuff going on around them. Then they begin to wonder why and where these other folks are coming from.

One of the best sources to help me find some kind of frame of reference about what these orchestrated and organized 'people' do is...

The Price is Right

Over and over again many people ask why would anyone participate in activity designed to harm someone. Why single someone out just to play games?

Those attempting to expose this very nefarious game suggest that it has a lot to do with that age-old thing many are desperate for:  Money...

The Bird at the Back Door

Whoever or whatever is behind the intimidation tactics of orchestrated harassment will incorporate all kinds of ploys to add to the infinite number of tactics going on all at once and in-concert during a targeted individual's experience. At the height of my experience I would have upwards of 20 to 30 bizarre 'events'...

Protective Measures

So many sites related to orchestrated harassment don't offer many solutions explaining how to protect oneself from this onslaught of activity. Here are a few that worked for me:




Exposing Them

Further information on these solutions can be read by clicking 'read more.'

Wherever You Go, There They Are

After a while, you get used to it. The fact that wherever you go, there they are. Targets of this activity catch on to that fairly quick. Because it's been six years and a few months since I was struck by a series of extremely traumatic events that awakened me to this new form of bullying-on-steroids, I've grown accustomed to them being around and not going away. The upside is that you really do realize they cannot touch you or physically harm you. You can still continue on in life, it's just that you'll have to constantly protect yourself psychologically. This takes a lot of work, but overtime, they and the games they play fade to the background. Targets can overcome this!

To give readers an idea of just how far they will go to be ridiculous, annoying and irritating, I'll offer the following personal experiences...

They Try to Convince You of Untruths

If you are a target, more than likely you were made VERY aware of it by some sort of very traumatic event, or series of events, that woke you up to it. Most targets KNOW they are targets. There is no doubt. With that said, if you're a target and you knew all was fine and dandy prior to whatever events woke you up to this new reality, you are a completely sane and healthy person with a good head on your shoulders. Those who created extreme chaos--a vortex of mind tricks and activity that probably made you running around like a chicken with your head cut off--are very ill indeed. Hold onto the fact because if you are still experiencing their wrath, they will stop at nothing to convince you that you're 'sick.'  You're not sick.

Here's my theory, which is based on many other theories out there on the Internet in regards to this topic...

The Thing About Intention

Intention. It is a powerful thing. Some have mastered it, using it to their advantage for good or bad, while some use it without realizing that they're using it. (The latter means a person is acting unconsciously. Once we are conscious of our actions, there is more power behind intention, I believe) Either way, a person's intention behind every action has an effect on him or herself and, in many cases, the world around him or her. When it comes to orchestrated harassment, participants of this 'game' intend to further harm the target's psyche through actions and gestures both big and small.

What I'm trying to say is, when it comes to this orchestrated stalking business, and it's a business...

The Torment

First, I just want to say that if you find yourself hit by this manipulative activity and behavior called orchestrated stalking and harassment, please remind yourself constantly that you are NOT THE CRAZY ONE. THEY ARE! Depending on the level they use, life can appear pretty bleak. But you can survive it by employing a lot of critical thinking. Lots of talking to yourself to remind yourself that you were hit by them. They have something to hide. Keep saying these words over and over to yourself if you must because one of their goals is to torment you to the point that you lose that solid foundation within yourself. So much so that you begin to doubt your own sanity. Hold fast to what you know--and that is that they decided to make you a target and they probably won't ever tell you exactly why. It is how they thrive. Hard to believe, but it's true. They gain energy and 'lifeblood' by carrying out mind tricks upon targets.

There are multiple ways they torment people. Some I included in an earlier blog that lists basic tactics like street theatre, constant whistling, coughing, spitting and key jangling.

But it goes deeper than that.

Finding Positivity in an Upside Down Situation

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kinds of thoughts we want to dominate our lives.” – Henry David Thoreau 


This quote was found on the website of someone I found inspiring. He's a vegan, yoga instructor and private chef, among other things. His site is one of the ones that make you feel good if you're someone who longs to feed the soul and to seek healing, greater happiness and peace. I would love for mine to be the same. I can only add inspiring sentiments to assist those afflicted by a new form of mobbing and bullying. It's a dark subject I speak of, but there is hope for those who are awakened to its occurrence. Most often, it is someone on the receiving end of the negative behavior that knows it is happening. Others aren't sure what to believe. The 'snap factories' I speak of involve very sophisticated psychology, influence and subversive messaging that can go undetected by those not targeted.

If There is a Curtain...

In one of my chapters, Fake Painted Flowers, I write "I'm not saying there is a curtain, but if there is, I was on the other side of it." This is a statement about one of the most bizarre kinds of experiences to surface in all of  Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making. In relation to the idea of takedown programs, I'm somewhat of the belief that revealing such a curtain to those who've never been in-the-know could be detrimental because it can send you careening down the rabbit hole with no hope of escaping.

In the book, I reveal two instances during which time this behind-the-curtain view occurs. However, so far in this entire experience, there's been four times total when it occurred to me I was somehow watching others being manipulated by the puppet strings...

Tactics Used to Harass via The Gangstalking Method

"I don't 'know where to begin." That's what someone said after calling me one day. I'd asked him what kind of activity he'd been experiencing and that was his answer. He'd found my phone number and was supposedly another targeted individual. He was letting me know about a meet-up group for targeted individuals. A place where TIs could join up with like-minded people. In other words, a chance for TIs to avoid isolation because isolation is an absolute goal for perpetrators. They use an endless array of tactics to drive a TI crazy, to cause TIs to trust no one, question everyone, and become  reclusive. In general, reclusiveness is a 'killer.' Even the most independent among us need social interaction--even if on the lowest level.

The tactics they use to create isolated conditions run the gamut of old-school mafia tricks to more modern computer-related ones.  When used all at once and in concert, a targeted is barraged with external stimulation designed to harm. This in turn causes severe problems for a TI who knows nothing about what's going on, is ill-prepared to handle it all and, most likely, is a naturally thin-skinned or sensitive person. This results in an all-out assault upon the psyche, which even the toughest would have a hard time surviving with her mentality in-tact.

Excerpt: DAY ONE--Street Names Passing--January 25, 2011

Day One Street Names Passing January 25, 2011  

THERE’S THIS DEEP penetrating ache that eclipses my heart every single day for countless hours at a time. It’s a dull, emanating pain that begins just under the left side of my chest and reaches out to the curves of my rounded shoulders. It is my heart crying out to mankind for the sake of humanity. “For God’s sake,” it moans. “Why won’t they say anything!” My shoulders slump, my eyes cast downward to the ground. “These people, these zombies. Why won’t they say anything!” My shoulders slump, my eyes cast downward to the ground. “These people, these zombies. They’re all brainwashed. They know what’s happening, but they won’t speak. Why won’t they speak?!” My head angles to the sky seeking an answer from above as if the gods high up over the clouds would communicate something, anything. “They just don’t care,” I report to them. “They just don’t care about Love… about Life…”

While this pain is like that of a lonely heart, it is mostly born of disappointment. Or, rather a shattered illusion that awakened me to what many have chosen to become. Followers without a voice....

Take-Down Programs--A 46-Year Study

Divorce, early pregnancy, relentless bullying, snubs, slights, mind manipulation games, premeditated attacks on families, calculating 'dark agents' within our medical system serving those unaccustomed to exorcising their rights, knowing their doctors and choosing the best options.

All of these and many more tactics and strategies are at hand, every day, to divide and conquer. It is an age-old practice with ever-changing new 'faces' so as to blend--this divide and conquer activity. Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making awakens you to a very blatant program of orchestrated harassment, organized stalking, relentless hacking, creepy street theater and more. It just so happens that in the case of this narrator, it was a very calculated divorce that set the wheels of the take-down program into action. Since then, members of the family instigating the divorce made very obvious attempts to throw their adversaries into the cycle of poverty by chipping away at their psyches, setting them up on 'dates' with hopes of impregnating them (a cycle of poverty strategy used by many), and even orchestrating drama that would cause rebelliousness among teens who turn to drugs and self-destruct. It looks as if those 'choosing' to be in certain situations are to take responsibility, but what if those teens are set up to be in those situations.

Take-Down Programs, Exploitation, Stalking and Harassment

ALL OF IT GOES hand-in-hand. Takedown programs, exploitation, harassment and intimidation.  Intricate and elaborate orchestrated schemes built around chosen individuals, much like those who are bred into underground human trafficking rings. The programs involve a network of trained people who spend their days exorcising harmful campaigns--both blatant and nuanced--as a means to take down their selected targets. The campaigns may start out slight with basic rude behavior, every day rejection, small 'accidents,' seemingly normal bullying or seeming workplace errors for which a target believes he or she is responsible. Maybe a solicitor selling insurance door-to-door slips on your steps and wishes to sue. It all seems like everyday life, normal accidents and errors or rudeness. Until it escalates. Odd occurrences begin happening on a regular basis, almost too much too to be true. Targets begin questioning what could be going on because while life has it peaks and valleys, rude people and bizarre activity--these occurrences seem orchestrated. Fake. Like those around the target are doing it on purpose for a laugh, sadistic pleasure or out of desperate need for power. Eventually, there is a tipping point. Targets awaken to their reality--that some people are either born into a program or wind up on a list--one that involves large amounts of people--sometimes belonging to various groups--whose main job is to create as much strife as possible in a target's life. Many theories surround the reasons for this new reality. Some revolve around spiritual warfare, some suggest a New World Order takeover, others believe it is due to a growing number of power-hungry people who see the 'weaker' among us as prey who need to be gotten rid of or used to feed their need for power.

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