Erin Vans (aka S.R. Coleyon) - Author

'IT HAPPENED IN A FLASH but it won't end that way.' These words were the headline for a Philadelphia Inquirer article covering an epic snowstorm occurring in January, 2011, and they've been seared onto the brain of Erin Vans ever since. It was the fourth week of January, 2011, when Vans' life would change forever. A freelance writer by another name, Vans wrote about everything from the logo on your pen to body image issues among those identifying with the LGBTQ community. Never would she have imagined life would change on a dime when a series of inexplicable events, which coalesced with the bombardment of snow that year, cast her onto a path wrought with bizarre stalkers, harassment, street theatre and intimidation. With it came an awakening to the illusion in which we live, an awareness of how our world really works and that, yes, there is a curtain. For a time, Vans was on the other side of it, as if offered a seat to observe.

Vans' book is based on real events, but fictionalized for better 'digestion.' She walks dogs, writes and lives and works in Philadelphia, Pa. In fact, the Universe itself reminded her while writing this bio that, yes, she lives. ...and she's grateful for that!