Welcome to the Premier of Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making!

A conspiracy thriller novel like no other.   ****NOW AVAILABLE***  

Literally overnight, her life went from ordinary to extraordinary, but in a horrific and psychologically terrorizing way. Erin Vans (pseudonym) takes readers on a wild ride of mind-bending torture as her narrator finds herself entangled in a web of tricksters who take delight in swarming, mobbing, harassing and intimidating her without clear cause or reason. The story begins with Day One of the first seven days of the narrator's induction as a target into a sick game of cat and mouse. She is awoken by her computer turning on by itself in the middle of the night, a clanking on the bike stand outside her window, a white idling van sitting in front of her building. She's been set up, but for what?

Reading this book is like riding in the sidecar of someone on a journey through the discovery of government-sponsored mind control programs, an unleashing of old-school and new-school mafia-style intimidation tactics, hacktivism, deranged street theatre and even bizarre, almost alien-like experiences. It is a reportage of what can happen if we remain complacent in a world where just a few large entities infiltrate and attack the very freedoms and independence we hold so dear. It is also a wake-up call to us, showing us what is happening, in plain sight, right in front of our eyes, the blatant crimes and the outright degradation of our freedoms occurring at an accelerated rate....while we sip our lattes, watch another talking head debate age-old issues, and witnesses ravenous consumers beat out others for Hatchimals at Toys R Us during the last hours of Christmas Eve.

Even if you've shunned conspiracies, you can't deny the truth found within the pages of Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making. There is a 'they' and they are crawling into our lives, swarming our street corners, and stripping away true democracy, while we, as if in a deep sleep, continue falling under their spell.

As for the Snap Factories and those who build them. 'They' are determined to create the disasters the media machine needs so badly to thrive and prosper, and so they swarm innocent people, some of who wind up 'snapping out' into violent rages. The snaps are heavily funded. They are the new form of war profiteering, localized, in a community near you...


It's up to us to stop them.  Live peacefully. Ignore their attempts and transcend it all.



**Please see blog for more information about take-down programs, exploitation, harassment and intimidation used--over lifetimes--to keep vulnerable people down, and to bring those on the cusp of vulnerability dangling on a precipice of despair.